Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Are You Getting Fake Calls From Fake IRS Agents

Are you getting fake calls from fake IRS Agents? I am getting calls constantly from phone number 916-514-6046. There is a recording saying that I haven't paid my taxes and the cops are going to arrest me. The recording is on the crude side and says cops not police. It gives the number to reach them which is the same number they just called from.

I called the number and it was answered by a hispanic who spoke with a heavy accent. He said his name was James Wood and gave me his badge number. I told him I really didn't think that was his name, but he didn't reply back. He was trying to tell me I owed the government $1970.00 and if I didn't pay it right this minute I would be arrested by Federal agents. 

I told him he was crazy and I have had scammers like him call me before and tell me the same thing and the police never showed up. I also told him the time before I told them I was on Social Security and they told me that they must have made a mistake. What is yours this time, I asked.

 He said there was no mistake, but I told him I did not owe any money and I wasn't going to pay him anything. He told me the cops would be out to arrest me, so I said, I would wait for them and hung up.

Of course, no police showed up. I even went to the computer and looked up on the IRS to see if I owed them any money. I didn't.

Two days later they called again. I called back and a different man answered. I told him I didn't want him calling and that I didn't owe any money. He kept interrupting me saying I was going to be arrested. I told him that I was told I was going to be arrested so many times and so far I haven't seen one police. So quit scamming. He became angry and said the cops would be at my door and hung up.

Hopefully, you aren't getting any of these calls, but if you are, just hang up. The IRS would not call you, they will send out all kinds of paperwork first and you can call them. Do not give the scammers  any money. They try to make it sound legit, but trust me they aren't. They are just fake IRS Agents.

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