Friday, January 13, 2017

What Are The Scammers Doing Now

Is it getting hard to figure out from all the calls you are getting daily which are legit and which are scammers. Have you even wondered what are the scammers doing now. I can let you in on a little secret there are several and many are from callers in India. So if you get a call from someone you can barely understand there is a good chance that call is going to be from someone who wants to scam you for your money or your identity.

It has been calls that says they are from the IRS and you had unpaid taxes, but trust me the IRS never calls and they are not going to be from those you can hardly understand. Although, ARRP  has been checking on scammers and has found these are beginning to dwindle, Since the Indian police raided  several of scammers and had them arrested. This made them move and they have change their course and now are doing more calls, stating they are from the Federal Government with a grant.

 I received a call, couldn't understand the woman, had to make her repeat herself several times. When she finally made it clear it was a grant, I asked her what was the grant for, she became angry and said money and hung up. I don't think she realized that the government gives out grants but they don't give out grants for no reasons.

Grants are give out for start a business, doing research, or going to school. There many other reasons why the government gives out grants, but I can guarantee you today it is nearly impossible to get a grant from the government because they are broke. I know I tried. I wanted to start a business and because I was a woman I had a better chance than a man.

It was a small business and I only needed $10,000 dollars but I couldn't get it I could only get a $25,000 if would match the $25,000. So that grant did not work for me. She was offering a $8000 grant and didn't even know what it is was to be used for, as if money was to be thrown away for nothing and the government does not work that way.

Another, big scamming is calling you and telling you that you have a problem with your cell phone or computer and they are with Microsoft. They want to help you fix the problem and get on your computer or sell you software that will protect your computer. The only problem, anything you download from them usually lets them hijack your information and steal your identity. Just remember Microsoft never calls you.

Lately. I just don't answer my phone at all. If they leave a message I will pick up. Now I have been picking up the last few days because I have been having so many calls I don't recognize and I have been telling them please do not call back. That is how I got the girl about the grant.

If you have a way of blocking your phone of unwanted calls do. If you have an older mom or dad, give them a lecture about talking to anyone on the phone and tell them not to do any business on the phone, only in person and with you.Too many 70 and 80 year olds are getting scammed.

Some of the other scams you need to watch out for is being charge with missing jury duty and claims you have won the lottery or sweepstakes but need to send a $3.95 for them to mail your check. Just tell them to automatically deposit or take the money from the winnings. I guarantee it is just a bunch of bull. I guess this gives you an idea what the scammers are doing now.

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