Sunday, August 21, 2016

Do You Know Exactly What Your Warranty On A New Home Covers

Are you going to buy a new home? If so, do you know exactly what your warranty on a new home covers? My son is fighting his contractors and he only has a couple months before his warranty expires. He thought he knew what his warranty covered.

There had been several problems with the house itself and those were fixed, but as time went on and the rains began to fall, water began to pool in one corner of the backyard and on one side of the front yard, grass wasn't growing. When the contractor was called he said the yard wasn't covered but he thought since the ground wasn't level they should fix that problem. His only problem was he had fired his builder and he didn't know who he was going to get to fix the problem. He kept making excuses.

I told my son since time was running out I hope he had some proof that the contractor was taking the blame for the problem. My son said he had several text messages. I told him he needed to threaten the contractor with a suit at a small claims court. Making sure he told him that he had proof of the text conversation, stating that he was in the wrong.

It is wise you read over your warranty to see exactly what it is covering and check the house very carefully. If you have some doubts about how some areas are going to hold up, it might be wise to have them cover it in the contract before buying. If you have Bermuda grass it will usually grow no matter what, some areas will take longer than others. Most contractors won't cover yards, because it all depends on how the owner takes care of it.

 My son's yard looked terrible and was full of weeds. He watered religiously and had a lawn maintenance company come out and feed and weed the yard. It looks great now except one spot on the front side. I keep telling him to just wait a while longer and the Bermuda grass will finally fill. 

The backyard will look great too, when the contractor will level out the low spot that keeps filling with water.

So make sure you do know exactly what your warranty on a new home covers or you too may be in a small claims court trying to get your contractor to fix his mess. Remember to save all proof, that he should except the blame, it makes it easier for you to win or easier to keep from going to court when the contractor sees he doesn't have a chance.

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