Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Who Is Out There Trying to Impersonate The IRS?

I can't figure who is out there trying to impersonate the IRS, but I do know I have been getting daily calls with messages saying that I have committed tax fraud and I am going to be arrested. When I call them back to see what they are going to say and flat tell them they are scammers they just hang up on me.

I received one today and they asked me my name so this time I decided to play along. The asked for my name and zip code, so I gave them a bogus name but my zip code. What was strange was they gave me the same ID number as the lady on the recording gave me. I suppose I was the only person in this zip code they had called.

 They told me I had committed fraud against the government and I was going to be arrested in 30 minutes and would be held for 72 hours, before that they read a legal letter to me and ask if I had any questions I said no, but wanted to know what address they were going to pick me up, but they said they knew, but they couldn't tell me.

I ask was I to get a lawyer, although I added, as if I need one. He answered that it was for me to decide and said just be ready for the police when they showed up. I told him fine.

I think he wouldn't tell me anymore because he knew I didn't believe a word he was telling me. It is over 30 minutes, no police. I think anyone else may have gotten very upset and wanted to know actually what they did and what could be done to help them. Unless I should have hung up and they were trying to get information from my phone, but it isn't a cell phone and maybe that was why he didn't say anymore to me.

The IRS states that there are so many scammers out there using them to get money. You should hang up immediately. They do not call. They send paperwork for you to show where you problem was with your taxes. It is for you to call them. You will always have a chance to prove that you did not try to misrepresent yourself to the IRS as the scammers say you have done and are going to be arrested for doing. 

Oh, I also called them back and asked them where are the police, it is over 30 minutes and no one has come to get me. The man on the phone said a policeman  will be there shortly and handcuff you and take you to the jail. I asked him if they handcuff handicapped old ladies on Social Security and he hung up.

So do not give any information or money to them and if you ever figure who are out there trying to impersonate the IRS notify the IRS.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Can Facebook Be A Passage for Scammers

Can Facebook be a passage for scammers and ID thieves? Unfortunately, everyone is giving too much information on Facebook for scammers and ID thieves to use to put together for information on how to steal your ID.

Many of you give your birth date, your address, your full name, and practically your whole life history, as well as your phone number. By doing this, they are able to get more info on you and piece everything on you until they finally have your ID. 

Scammers have a great time finding out all the information on you so they can call you and say they belong to the government, or try to sell you something they know you are interested in. Conning you for your money, but you don't get anything in return.

Another thing you absolutely don't want to do, is post all your vacation plans, Where you are going, when you are going and how long you will be gone. A thief couldn't be happier with all this information and unfortunately, if the insurance company finds out you posted all this information, you won't be covered by some insurance companies.

Another thing is not wise is showing pictures of your home, and children. Telling people where they go to school and when they go to school. Here again, you are putting your children in danger of being kidnapped or molested. You may be posting to your friends, but your friends show to their friends and their friends to theirs and so on. So it is better to be safe than sorry.

One other thing that is not wise to do is to have your boss on your Facebook page. Do you really want him to know everything you are doing. Maybe not. Maybe it would be wise to keep him unaware of all the extra free time you might have or how you spend all the money you earn, especially if you are looking for another raise.

So think carefully, can Facebook be a passage to scammers and ID thievery. Do you need to revamp you Facebook page and maybe remove some of those people who you really don't know.