Friday, January 8, 2016

Dish TV, Discover Card Or Collection, What's Best?

Several Blogs ago I told you that Dish TV and I were not getting along. I had gone to Discover Card to cancel my card to stop the payment of the cancellation fee that I did not know anything about, unfortunately Discover talked me into keeping my card. They told me I could dispute the charge and the girl felt I had a good enough case. Not only did I have poor service against Dish, but also the fact I was not informed about the Dish cancellation before it was installed. This all sounded really good so I kept my card, Except the girl there did say to get a new one, maybe the charge wouldn't get put on it. I told her it probably would since I had already made a payment to them.

It did get put on my card, so if it happens to you cancel your card before the payment gets to your card. You can always apply for another card at a later date, before you get into a fight with Dish or any other company that is causing the problem. This may hurt your credit some but you can make up for it easily.I tried to dispute the charge , but was denied twice because I had signed the contract, that I never saw. The only thing I ever signed was a darkened IPad and was told I was signing, a paper saying they had completed the job. I was unable to read anything. I am a 70 year old lady with poor eyesight, they had been at the house since 4 p.m. and now it was 9 p.m., according to what I signed it was 4 pages, which they never explained and I could not read. You would have thought they would have given me the dispute due to the poor service I got and that the TV connection was very poor and we kept losing our connection. That was why we canceled in 2 weeks. My next decision was whether to pay Discover or whether to let it go to collection. I was very angry with Discover, because if I hadn't listened to them in the first place and canceled the card like I wanted to do, Dish could not have charged me. They would have had to try and get it from me and before the would have sent it to collection I would have taken it to small claims court, dragging everyone there to testify. Making them prove they told me about the $480 fee. They have no proof. 

Or I may just decide to do collections. You will fight with them saying no several times you will not pay for it. It will then go into collection . They will call you several times, you can still say no and put a block on the call. Letters will come threatening to take you to court, usually for such a small amount they won't. They may send you a letter offering you a deal to pay 60% of it that is when you can call back and tell them you will only pay 30% of it. They will come back again with another offer, but whatever you do is you can raise your offer a little but then stick to them and tell them that is all you will pay and they are lucky they will get that.

Once you have paid off the debt it is taken off your credit report and your credit goes back up. Make sure you get another credit card before you begin fighting, because having a couple credit cards and keeping them current also helps your credit.

The most important thing to do is read the contract before signing up. You would have thought I would have done that with Dish considering I have had to decide many times whether to do a refund or dispute because of a contract that was broken and this time it was Dish, Discover Card or Collection, what's best?