Sunday, September 18, 2016

Can Facebook Cause You To Go In Debt

Can Facebook cause you to go in debt? Roughly, 4 out of 10 adults with social media accounts say that seeing other purchases and vacations on social media makes them look into a similar purchase or vacation, according to a  survey of more than 1,000 Americans released by the American Institute of Public Accountants. What's more, 11% have taken a vacation or made a purchase in the last year  after seeing someone's post about their vacations or purchases.

Fully 30% of Americans say that social media has some influence on their purchasing decisions with 5% saying that it has a significant impact, this was discovered by the Gallop poll in 2014. 
Among millennials the numbers are even higher with roughly half saying that social media influences what they buy.

Many brands advertise their goods and services on social media or pay celebrities and other influential people to post about them which drives some of the social-related spending. By 2017, social network advertising spending is expected to hit nearly $36 billion, or roughly, 16% of all digital ad spending globally, up from about $24 billion in 2015, according to eMarketers and celebrities ranging from reality stars like Kardashians to sports bigwigs to fashion bloggers who have endorsed brands on social media.

Psychologist feel that there is a deeper problem, due to the fact that we are socially comparative creatures by nature and with social media we can make comparisons to others with just a scroll or a click away. As put by one psychologist "Social needs can be the modern day version of 'Keeping up with the Joneses." Some people feel inferior if someone they know has a shinier or bigger toy than they do.

Many people react to this inferiority by buying the same thing--or even--that a social media contact has, and then posting about what they did.This begins the cycle, with others, setting the post, and some of them feeling like they need to do one better. 

This academic study proves everything you thought about people who post selfies. Plus, social media can make the buying experience feel normal. When multiple people in your social network have a $500 designer shoe, it can seem like everyone is buying them--and this entice you to buy too, even when you can't afford too.

Then there are those who can look at those who buy the trip and fancy purchases and can be truly happy for them and feel no pressure to compete,The issues of comparing yourself to others and normalizing extreme spending are by no means limited are by no means limited to what you see on social media, it is just another way you will spend your money to compete.

Therefore, you now know the answer to the question, can Facebook cause you to go into debt?

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Do You Know Exactly What Your Warranty On A New Home Covers

Are you going to buy a new home? If so, do you know exactly what your warranty on a new home covers? My son is fighting his contractors and he only has a couple months before his warranty expires. He thought he knew what his warranty covered.

There had been several problems with the house itself and those were fixed, but as time went on and the rains began to fall, water began to pool in one corner of the backyard and on one side of the front yard, grass wasn't growing. When the contractor was called he said the yard wasn't covered but he thought since the ground wasn't level they should fix that problem. His only problem was he had fired his builder and he didn't know who he was going to get to fix the problem. He kept making excuses.

I told my son since time was running out I hope he had some proof that the contractor was taking the blame for the problem. My son said he had several text messages. I told him he needed to threaten the contractor with a suit at a small claims court. Making sure he told him that he had proof of the text conversation, stating that he was in the wrong.

It is wise you read over your warranty to see exactly what it is covering and check the house very carefully. If you have some doubts about how some areas are going to hold up, it might be wise to have them cover it in the contract before buying. If you have Bermuda grass it will usually grow no matter what, some areas will take longer than others. Most contractors won't cover yards, because it all depends on how the owner takes care of it.

 My son's yard looked terrible and was full of weeds. He watered religiously and had a lawn maintenance company come out and feed and weed the yard. It looks great now except one spot on the front side. I keep telling him to just wait a while longer and the Bermuda grass will finally fill. 

The backyard will look great too, when the contractor will level out the low spot that keeps filling with water.

So make sure you do know exactly what your warranty on a new home covers or you too may be in a small claims court trying to get your contractor to fix his mess. Remember to save all proof, that he should except the blame, it makes it easier for you to win or easier to keep from going to court when the contractor sees he doesn't have a chance.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Who Is Out There Trying to Impersonate The IRS?

I can't figure who is out there trying to impersonate the IRS, but I do know I have been getting daily calls with messages saying that I have committed tax fraud and I am going to be arrested. When I call them back to see what they are going to say and flat tell them they are scammers they just hang up on me.

I received one today and they asked me my name so this time I decided to play along. The asked for my name and zip code, so I gave them a bogus name but my zip code. What was strange was they gave me the same ID number as the lady on the recording gave me. I suppose I was the only person in this zip code they had called.

 They told me I had committed fraud against the government and I was going to be arrested in 30 minutes and would be held for 72 hours, before that they read a legal letter to me and ask if I had any questions I said no, but wanted to know what address they were going to pick me up, but they said they knew, but they couldn't tell me.

I ask was I to get a lawyer, although I added, as if I need one. He answered that it was for me to decide and said just be ready for the police when they showed up. I told him fine.

I think he wouldn't tell me anymore because he knew I didn't believe a word he was telling me. It is over 30 minutes, no police. I think anyone else may have gotten very upset and wanted to know actually what they did and what could be done to help them. Unless I should have hung up and they were trying to get information from my phone, but it isn't a cell phone and maybe that was why he didn't say anymore to me.

The IRS states that there are so many scammers out there using them to get money. You should hang up immediately. They do not call. They send paperwork for you to show where you problem was with your taxes. It is for you to call them. You will always have a chance to prove that you did not try to misrepresent yourself to the IRS as the scammers say you have done and are going to be arrested for doing. 

Oh, I also called them back and asked them where are the police, it is over 30 minutes and no one has come to get me. The man on the phone said a policeman  will be there shortly and handcuff you and take you to the jail. I asked him if they handcuff handicapped old ladies on Social Security and he hung up.

So do not give any information or money to them and if you ever figure who are out there trying to impersonate the IRS notify the IRS.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Can Facebook Be A Passage for Scammers

Can Facebook be a passage for scammers and ID thieves? Unfortunately, everyone is giving too much information on Facebook for scammers and ID thieves to use to put together for information on how to steal your ID.

Many of you give your birth date, your address, your full name, and practically your whole life history, as well as your phone number. By doing this, they are able to get more info on you and piece everything on you until they finally have your ID. 

Scammers have a great time finding out all the information on you so they can call you and say they belong to the government, or try to sell you something they know you are interested in. Conning you for your money, but you don't get anything in return.

Another thing you absolutely don't want to do, is post all your vacation plans, Where you are going, when you are going and how long you will be gone. A thief couldn't be happier with all this information and unfortunately, if the insurance company finds out you posted all this information, you won't be covered by some insurance companies.

Another thing is not wise is showing pictures of your home, and children. Telling people where they go to school and when they go to school. Here again, you are putting your children in danger of being kidnapped or molested. You may be posting to your friends, but your friends show to their friends and their friends to theirs and so on. So it is better to be safe than sorry.

One other thing that is not wise to do is to have your boss on your Facebook page. Do you really want him to know everything you are doing. Maybe not. Maybe it would be wise to keep him unaware of all the extra free time you might have or how you spend all the money you earn, especially if you are looking for another raise.

So think carefully, can Facebook be a passage to scammers and ID thievery. Do you need to revamp you Facebook page and maybe remove some of those people who you really don't know.

Friday, April 1, 2016

What Are Credit Cards Pros And Cons

What are credit cards pros and cons? This is a good question and should be thought about before getting one. 

In my opinion everyone should have a credit card, but if you have a gambling problem or like to spend too much and can't control it, then possibly it wouldn't be wise to have one. Once you spend all the money you have on you, at least you are done, but if you have a credit card, you are more apt to spend more than you can pay and that is where your problems begin.

So since we have started with the cons, let's take a look at the others. The biggest one of course, is overspending, the next is high interest rate. Those can be handled depending on you. Keeping track of your credit card is very important, if you can't don't get it. You need to check every few days to make sure nothing has been charge on your card, especially if you are an online purchaser. Another problem that seems to be happening is fraud, but here again, if you watch your card, it can be handled.

Basically, the cons I described cover most of the problems, but they can be handled by you. Now it all depends just how dependable you are.

The pros definitely out way the cons. To begin with by just having a credit card will improve your credit if you keep it up and build up the value of your card. 

The next thing I really like, is many cards give you money by enrolling with them. If I see a card that says they will give me a gift card after my first use on my card, I normally always enroll. I also am a cashback freak. The bigger percentage the cashback the better chance I will get that card.

Another thing that really catches me with cards is 0 percent interest on transfers. Discover, Citi and Barclay are the three banks that seem to give out 0 percent more than any other banks with hardly any upfront fees. Of the three, Discover has the highest, but they have a great cashback program.

Another pro for a credit card is the fact that if ever you have an emergency but don't have money at that moment you could use a card. If you are usually low on funds just save your card for emergencies only and then try to find a card that is offering a 0 percent. You can enroll so you can transfer the card you had to spend the money for the emergency in to it. This way you can pay it off without paying any interest.

The most important thing to remember is to payoff your credit card every month. Credit cards have too high of interest rates to carry a balance.

Here is the best pro, by using your credit card to purchase with people you are not sure of or paying for work to be done that has to have half paid upfront, then using a credit card will save yourself from being ripped off. You can always dispute a credit card if something goes wrong, but if you pay with cash or check you can just forget it. As far as fraud goes, just notify your credit card of any charges on your card that you have no idea where they came, especially if you can show it is from another State. I normally call the number on the charge and give the company the chance to give me a refund and find out if they know who used the card. Trust me I have had a couple arrested due to fraud. Make sure you cancel your card and get a new one.

Hope this blog answered your question what are credit cards pros and cons, because if it did then hopefully you can now decide whether you can get yourself a card or not and maybe one day you just might need Refund Or Dispute.

Friday, February 19, 2016

Timeshares And How to Get Rid Of Them

Do you own a timeshare or maybe several timeshares, but are getting too old to go to use them and wondering if you have timeshares how to get rid of them.Then read this blog because you will find out what you don't want to do and want you can do. Also those of you who don't have a computer, I hope your family reads this blog so they can help you get rid of that unwanted timeshare.

Many times I am sure you are being called by salesmen who are trying to sell you the idea of listing your timeshare with them and they can sell it for you. They don't do it like a realtor, they want upfront money and it can be anywhere from 500 to 1500 dollars or more. I guarantee you that they will never get it sold. If you go to Ebay, you can even see them listed for a dollar and never move. So don't list them you will be out of money and probably disputing with your credit card company hoping you can get back the money you invested.

You probably also have gotten calls from so called advocates saying how bad timeshares are and inviting you to meetings telling you how you can get rid of your maintenance fees and still travel, but I can tell stay away, they are scammers, they usually are vacations club trying to sell you a membership with them and say they will take your timeshare in on trade, but trust me it doesn't always work and ends up costing you more.

 Then there is the advocate who says that you need to get rid of the scamming timeshares you own which is going to end up costing you and your family lots of money. So they want you to pay them anywhere from 2500 to 8000 dollars and they will take the timeshares off your hands. Only it really doesn't work that way and will end up costing more money and you will end up fighting with them too.

I found the best way to get rid of a timeshare was to call the timeshare company and tell them your problem. If you can't afford the maintenance fee any longer and are unable to use it any longer ask them if they could take it back at no cost. Tell them they don't have to buy it from you and if they are still hesitant, even offer to pay the transfer fee. I was able to cancel my timeshare with Wyndham and with one other timeshare just by calling and talking to them. Of course, I had an advantage because I was dumb enough to go to one of those companies that said pay them and they would take care of it. Unfortunately they just kept wanting more money until I just said no and told them I was going to the timeshare company. They let it out that the timeshare companies will take them back in the transfer sheets I needed to sign. It stated that if Wyndham has a right to refuse and if they wanted to buy from me and sent me a check, I had to give them the money.

When I read that I called Wyndham and after talking to them, they told me they would take it back. I ended up by disputing with the company, but while I had not sent all the papers to the credit card company, I called the company and told them everything I was going to send to the credit card company including the 8 complaints they had with the BBB this year that was exactly like mine and the fact they did not tell me Wyndham would take there timeshare back if I had called them. Also, show proof they knew it, because it was in their transfer papers I had to fill out between me and Wyndham. They decided to refund the money.

Also if you do not have a lot of money stored away anywhere and are on Social Security you can ask them to take it back, if they refuse, just tell them you cannot make the maintenance fee and won't. If possible send them an email with this so you can have a copy. If you should, then be taken to court at least you will have proof you notified them that you tried to give it back and you could not afford it. The judge can not garnish your wage if you only have Social Security and no other income coming in. There is a possibility he can put a lien on your home, but you can live there until you die. Then it will go in probate, whether they want to mess with, who knows. If you were smart you could put it in a trust fund or sell it to a family member  for $1 with condition that you live in it until both have passed away.

Anyway there are better ways of getting rid of timeshares then giving money to scammers who don't get rid of the timeshare.

Friday, January 8, 2016

Dish TV, Discover Card Or Collection, What's Best?

Several Blogs ago I told you that Dish TV and I were not getting along. I had gone to Discover Card to cancel my card to stop the payment of the cancellation fee that I did not know anything about, unfortunately Discover talked me into keeping my card. They told me I could dispute the charge and the girl felt I had a good enough case. Not only did I have poor service against Dish, but also the fact I was not informed about the Dish cancellation before it was installed. This all sounded really good so I kept my card, Except the girl there did say to get a new one, maybe the charge wouldn't get put on it. I told her it probably would since I had already made a payment to them.

It did get put on my card, so if it happens to you cancel your card before the payment gets to your card. You can always apply for another card at a later date, before you get into a fight with Dish or any other company that is causing the problem. This may hurt your credit some but you can make up for it easily.I tried to dispute the charge , but was denied twice because I had signed the contract, that I never saw. The only thing I ever signed was a darkened IPad and was told I was signing, a paper saying they had completed the job. I was unable to read anything. I am a 70 year old lady with poor eyesight, they had been at the house since 4 p.m. and now it was 9 p.m., according to what I signed it was 4 pages, which they never explained and I could not read. You would have thought they would have given me the dispute due to the poor service I got and that the TV connection was very poor and we kept losing our connection. That was why we canceled in 2 weeks. My next decision was whether to pay Discover or whether to let it go to collection. I was very angry with Discover, because if I hadn't listened to them in the first place and canceled the card like I wanted to do, Dish could not have charged me. They would have had to try and get it from me and before the would have sent it to collection I would have taken it to small claims court, dragging everyone there to testify. Making them prove they told me about the $480 fee. They have no proof. 

Or I may just decide to do collections. You will fight with them saying no several times you will not pay for it. It will then go into collection . They will call you several times, you can still say no and put a block on the call. Letters will come threatening to take you to court, usually for such a small amount they won't. They may send you a letter offering you a deal to pay 60% of it that is when you can call back and tell them you will only pay 30% of it. They will come back again with another offer, but whatever you do is you can raise your offer a little but then stick to them and tell them that is all you will pay and they are lucky they will get that.

Once you have paid off the debt it is taken off your credit report and your credit goes back up. Make sure you get another credit card before you begin fighting, because having a couple credit cards and keeping them current also helps your credit.

The most important thing to do is read the contract before signing up. You would have thought I would have done that with Dish considering I have had to decide many times whether to do a refund or dispute because of a contract that was broken and this time it was Dish, Discover Card or Collection, what's best?