Thursday, December 3, 2015

A New Scammer Hitting The Emails

A new scammer hitting the emails, and they are called Shop N Check. They will come in to your email and ask if you would like to work for them and they are paying $250 per job. They seem legit because they want you to do surveys on Wal-Mart, Target, KMart and so on, because they have been having many complaining about poor sales help, rudeness, unable to get their money back and other problems with the companies. 

They have you fill out a application that appears very safe not asking for any important information that can hurt you. So everything appears safe, but here's the catch. A few weeks after you apply you receive a check in the mail. I was very surprised when I saw the check because it was for $1775.00. It was a cashier check made out to me. I thought this was very strange why were they sending so much money. So I began reading the instructions.

They wanted me to cash the check. They said if I should have problems and the bank wanted to just deposit it in my account send them the receipt, but white out the bank information. The more I read the more I began to think this company was a scammer.

They wanted me to wire $750 from Wal-Mart to Wal-Mart to a man in Norman, Oklahoma and then also wire another $750 to the same man from Western Union. They allowed for traveling and charges for wiring. The only thing was I thought that was a large amount to be using for testing. Why would they be so trusting to send such large amount of money to people they don't know nor did they get any ID from us to see how our credit was.

I decided it would be wise to check into everything before I did anything. First, of all, the return address was from Oklahoma. The address on the letter head was from Dallas, Texas, but what was even stranger yet the cashiers check was out of Plantsville, Connecticut. Every name was different on every thing.

I decided to call Wells Fargo Bank to find out if it was legit even though the letter said to keep everything a mystery and not let anyone know. That made it sound a little fishy too. Wells Fargo could not find a cashier check that size being submitted at all. They also said that they have been getting many calls as far away as California saying that the checks are bouncing and they were trying to figure out who was doing it. It seemed I was the only one so far who called them still having the check and all the information, which I emailed the information to them. I also told them who the sender was and the name was J Dennis Louchen. When I told her that she definitely told me the check wasn't any good, because some how someone add gotten one of his checks and has been making copies of them, so if you should get one don't cash it. If you get an offer to a job through the email forget it, they usually are scammers.

As you know I watch for new scammers hitting the email and calling on the phone, so I can alert every one. I just hope you stay alert because it is becoming big time business. Almost everything is becoming a scam anymore. You really need to check everything out, the faster the company gets you to sign contracts the more doubt you should have with the company and then you need to slow them down and read those contracts carefully, because they may contain something you might not want to be involved in. So take care and keep up with my site,