Thursday, November 19, 2015

Are You Being Scammed

Are you being scammed? Such a good question and one you need to ask yourself every time you get a call asking you if you want to make some money from home.

 I know I have said this many times, but lately it seems the calls are getting to be happening more often every day. What is strange, they used to want to charge $400 to $500 to build you a website but now they are practically giving them away. I think it makes it easier for you to say yes. The only thing is when you say yes, they've got got you and that is when the scam truly begins.

They send you over to someone to get you verified and then the next thing you find yourself talking to someone who wants to tell you how to make your website make lots of money by doing marketing through email and they will send you through all kinds of email so you will be able to build your traffic.

The only problem is they just have so many emails and if they sale a lot of websites for the same product that means a lot of you will have the same information sent to the same emails. As you can see you won't get anywhere. The only way that you might be able to make any money is to put a lot of money out and know how to market your own site and pray you have a great product to sale.

The best thing is to just tell them no thanks and then hang up because most of them do not know what the word no means. If you should say yes, make sure you read all your contracts see if they give you time to cancel and how you have to cancel. Who knows you might want out and can get a refund or dispute may be the next thing if they won't give you a refund, just be aware of all your options and make sure you ask yourself are you being scammed. Oh, one more thing, they always try to keep you on the phone by becoming friends with you and talking about their family and then yours. Trying to find the things you talk about. If you notice the person doing this you can pretty much guess they are scammers and they are trying to make good friends with you so you will trust them. Don't!

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Can You Trust Dish TV

Can you trust Dish TV to tell you everything when signing you up? Well I know I can't. If you are deciding to get Dish satellite that has their new program with a 2 year lock in price, you better make sure you check everything you sign and listen carefully to everything that is said to you.

I was looking for a new connection for my TV because AT&T was getting too expensive, so I called a place that had Cox, Directtv, and Dish. They began quoting me prices for Cox but they were even higher than AT&T, so she told me I should try Dish with special 2 year program. I told her that I really didn't care for Dish because when I did have Dish I had so many problems with losing the picture. She told me it was much better and I had 30 days to check it out if it didn't check out I could cancel it.

So I signed up with Dish, Although it really wasn't a sign up at first. She sends me a copy of my receipt with all the terms at least that is what it said on the email for me to look at and okay. There were no terms to speak of, just costs, nothing about cancellation fees or no grace period, so I okayed it. They came out at 4pm and finished at 9pm then told me to sign a paper and I asked them what it was for and they told me it was just releasing them from the work and saying that they did the job. They showed me where to sign and that is all they showed me and left.

We began having trouble with the remote control so one of the guys came back and worked on it for over an hour but couldn't get it to work any better.  We had to push 5 buttons to just start the TV. Then several time we had troubles losing the picture and the sound and there wasn't even a storm outside. That was when we decided to cancel, but that's when all Hell broke loose.

 When I called to cancel Dish I called the main company not the local company where I got Dish. The girl there said that since I was canceling now and it was past 14 days it would cost me $480. I didn't even know what she was talking about I told her I was told I had 30 days and no one told me there was $480 cancellation fee.  I also told her the email I received said nothing about the $480 cancellation fee. I told her I even kept it, because I might need it if I had to use it in a dispute which looks like I just might need it. 

 When I tried to cancel it turned into a big battle and I was sent to a manager who told me to see if one of my family members would want the Dish.

I called my daughter, because she had said she was going to change TV plans but when I told her it was Dish she flat told me no, that she would never have them again because when she canceled with them, the next day the put the cancellation fee on her credit card which she knew nothing about.

I decided before I called them back my only thing to do was cancel my credit card. What was sad was that I had a lot of credit with them and I had been with them for many years, but I called them anyway. They were upset that I wanted to cancel and they even called Dish to reason with them. That was worthless, although we found out that not only did I have to pay $480 but I had to pay tax on that too, bringing it up to approximately $520. Discover card was even shocked at their charge and couldn't figure out why they did not make sure their customers understood about no grace period and such a large cancellation fee.

I told Discover to just cancel my card because I did not want to put them at a loss because I did not plan on paying the bill. The credit card lady knew I had told Dish to send me a copy of a signed contract stating that there was a $480 cancellation and they told me I would have it in my email in 48 hours which now has been almost 72 hours I even called them after 48 hours asking where it was and the man assured me he would make sure I would get it in another 48 hours. I told him I would give him that time but then I would make things would  not be so easy for them since they were not following through with what they said they were going to do.

Anyway Discover card wanted me to wait for the contract before I decided anything. She then change the card, hoping no charges would go on it from Dish, but I got an email saying that they had received their monthly payment. I can't see it yet not even in pending transactions. Discover wants me to go ahead and let the $480 go through and then dispute it, but I told them if I have a signed contract it would be really hard to win. I would just let it go to collection. So I am waiting to see about the contract and we will see what I am going to have to do, because can you trust Dish TV.