Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Will The Elderly Survive Medicare D Plan Change In 2016

I have Silverscript for my Medicare D plan and when I got the new book for 2016 I almost fainted. Almost all my meds had changed in price. I was paying $97.50 every 3 months now I was going to pay almost $400 or more every three months and I only take 6 meds. What are those who have lots of med going to have to pay and have money in the savings and IRAs, which will not let them qualify for Medicare help in paying for meds. Will the elderly survive Medicare D plan in 2016? I doubt it.

What gets worse is the coverage gap or donut hole gap. With the change in  plans the meds are more expensive. I have no deductible but now I will reach the coverage gap because this new gap includes what the insurance company spends and what you spend so now you are going to reach the that $2000 some dollar mark even faster, some companies have a little higher amount, causing you to pay even more like mine. which will jump up to $906 every 3 months.

The crazy thing is they moved the meds up in tiers but not into tiers they belonged in. At least not according to their definition of tiers. If you read their book they say that tier 1 is a generic, tier 2 is a non- preferred generic, tier 3 is a brand, tier 4 is a non-preferred brand, and tier 5 is a specialty drug.

I became very angry when I saw 3 of my meds moved to tier 3 and 1 into tier 4, especially since they were all generics and not brands. It is like going into the drug store and buying Acetaminophine and paying the price of Tylenol for it. This is what the insurance companies are doing. They even put one of my tier 2 meds which is a generic into a tier 4 which my copay will be 45% of the cost of the med.

Luckily, I am a nurse, so I can get the doctors to change my meds and even combine a tier 3  with a tier 2, I will be getting rid of one med all together. I can also change my Digoxin into a different heart medicine that is a tier 2. If you can stay in tier 1 or 2 your cost will be much lower. Those of you who are on cholesterol lowing medicines. if you are over 70 shouldn't be on them unless you cholesterol is near 300. Otherwise take omega complex and build up your good cholesterol to knock out your bad. Those statin drugs are high in cost.

I also tried to explain to Silverscript and also to United Health that they are going to be killing off the elderly because those who can't afford it will stop taking any pills that are too high. I know several who live on small fix incomes that will not take their meds because they can't afford it. I work with several by helping them with their diet and a few natural med to cope with their situation.

Please read the changes and call your company, see if you need to change plans watch what they say to you and find out everything especially the coverage gap. I am going to write this blog on my website http://www.needmedadvice.com hopefully letting as many people know what the Medicare D plan will be like next year. You need to let as many elderly know what is going on and help them if you can. As soon as I have checked out all the plans I am going to the television stations and hope to get help and try to get help from the government but time is short you only have until  December 7 th to try and put a stop to this or change your plan.