Sunday, September 27, 2015

Should You Allow Anyone To Get On Your Computer That Calls

Should you allow anyone to get on your computer that calls you? The answer is no. Constantly scammers are calling saying they are from Microsoft, but they are not. Microsoft windows will not call you. They will tell you if you have a problem by alerting you on the computer. So don't believe anyone who calls and says they are with Microsoft.

 I get call almost daily with scammers telling me they are with Microsoft and want to get on my computer. I tell them I know that Microsoft does not call people, but they continue to say they work for them. They also say that they will show me, that my computer is having troubles. just by following what they say and then I will see that I will need let them on the computer. 

They have me enter eventvwr.exe in my program and file search box that you find at the bottom of your Windows box or your programs Window circle when you click on it. It will show you all kinds of things and they usually want you to go Applications and double click. They say you will have all kinds of yellow warnings and red error flags.

 I let them take me there, but it was on my new computer. I told them there was no yellow warning nor red error flags anywhere in there. Then he wanted me to go back down to the bottom of my Windows box again and type in a code that would let him in, that was when I flat told him that I would not let him in. There was nothing wrong with my computer so why should I let him, he thought I should. I could not get him to listen to me so I finally told him I was going to hang up on him.

After his call I decided to do some research, and I found out on the computer through Microsoft that they do not call anyone and if any one needed help they need to go to them for help. They said that there were so many scammers out trying to get into  every ones computer so they could steal their identities, saying they worked for Microsoft, but Microsoft does not make phone calls. 

 I also read one article where a man who was having the same problem as I was having that he just told them he no longer had a Windows but a Mac.So to keep your identities safe please don't allow anyone on your computer who calls you. Just hang up or tell them you have a Mac.                                                                             

Monday, September 14, 2015

Whose Giving Out Grants

Whose giving out grants? I know it's not the government no matter how many times I have been told I can get one from them, unfortunately the government is broke, but lately I have been getting several calls telling me I qualify for grants. I usually ask how much are the grants and they will tell me around 5 to 10,000 dollars. I go on to ask who are offering them. Then they say I can apply for one through them for a small charge and get one through the government.

This is when I begin to tell them that I have already tried to get a grant from the government and the only grants they have are ones they will match for small businesses. You put up $25,000 and the they will give you $25,000 or else if I am a Nigerian that wants to go to school here they will give me a grant to go to school otherwise there is no grants for free money.

So then they change their stories and tell me I could get a grant through a private company. I told them I tried that too. Unless I was starting a business that was like what the company had, they would not give out grants.

I flat told them that they really didn't know what they were talking about and just trying to get money from me and please stop scamming and that was when they would hang up on me.

So as you can see if you get a call from someone who says they can get you a grant, they are just scammers. Just hang up before they take your money or you may be needing to dispute a charge on your credit card to get a refund.