Thursday, August 27, 2015

How To Catch A Scammer

I think scammers love me. I get calls several times a day from scammers. Sometimes it is hard to tell if I am really being scammed, and that is when it's great to learn how to catch a scammer.

The other day I got a call from a scammer who said they were a Windows Tech who had sold me some software to protect my computer. He said their company was going out of business and since I still had time on my contract he needed to refund my money.

 I can tell you right there I knew something was up because very few companies want to refund all the money. I told him he could just put it back on my credit card, but no, he said he needed to get on my computer to get the information and refund through there. I flat told him he was crazy. I was not going to let him on my computer. If he needed my card number I would give it to him and if I saw anything other than the refund I would scream fraud and he would be in trouble. He did not want my card, he wanted on my computer. I just kept telling him no.

He must have called several times a day for weeks telling me about the same thing. I just flat told him then to just send me a check. No, he kept saying he needed to get on my computer. I finally explained to him that he did not have to get on my computer for anything. To do refunds all he had to do was credit my credit card or write me a check, because he was wanting to get on my computer so bad I knew he was just a scammer. He finally hung up and never called back.

Sometimes the only way to learn how to catch a scammer is to talk for awhile and try and find out exactly what they are trying to get from you. If they want any information that can get your identity you can guess that they probably are a scammer and it is wise to not tell them anything. No matter how tempting it may seem. Don't give out money for anything no matter how enticing it sounds. When they call you on the phone usually it's a scam. 

If they threaten you then just tell them you will call the company that they are working for and try to work it out with them and don't get the number from them, look it up yourself.

There are so many scams today that it is so hard to tell one call from the other, either hang up and don't talk at all or question them with so many questions that they begin to have doubts that they can even scam you. Anyway good luck.