Friday, July 10, 2015

Phone Scams Are Rising

Phone scams are rising and it is so frustrating to answer the phone and you hear such a sweet voice from a young girl, telling you that you could get a great deal where you can stop paying your maintenance fees on your timeshares and still keep your timeshares. To me, it sounded a little fishy, so of course, I said no, but she goes on to say that they were giving a free meal at a steakhouse which was nearly an hour away. She also said that they had a lot of information on how to hold on to the timeshare and not  pay maintenance especially if we bought it before 2009 because many salesmen weren't honest with how everything was done. The Government had got into it and change some of the things. She really began to sound convincing and was very friendly.

I did find out she was with a company called Four Season Travel which still made me a little suspicious, but I said yes, because they said Wyndham was also going to give some updates because we belonged to Wyndham and I could say all the things I thought were bad about them.

Two days before I go I get an email telling all the owners of the timeshare need to be there plus they wanted me to bring the deed. By then I really began to wonder if she was telling any truth at all.

When we got there they wanted to know if I had bought my deed and if all owners were there and I answered no to both. I then find out that they belong to the travel club I mentioned before, I told them I owned three travel clubs and they are just as bad as timeshare. They weren't happy with what I said. They told me we couldn't stay for dinner because they could help us. Of  course, I became angry after driving so far. I told them that they lied to us to get us there. They didn't plan on helping us get rid of our maintenance fee that is steadily climbing every year. They said they would take it on a trade-in for a travel plan that would cost almost $8000 with trade-in and they felt we wouldn't be interested so we didn't need to stay for dinner.

As you can see once they realized that I wasn't going to purchase anything they weren't going to keep me there at all. We just wasted our time and gas going somewhere that we were lied to about, just to get us there.

So if you have any timeshares and you get a call from Four Season Travel Club it would be very wise to just hang up. You may be owning more than you bargained for and less happier.This is just one phone scam I have had lately and in the next article I will tell you about the computer scammer that called me wanting to get on my computer, So keep watch for the next article.