Wednesday, June 10, 2015

The Young Are Being Scammed


It is really sad to see the young being scammed now along with the elderly. Just the other day a girl of 18,  just graduated from high school received a call from a scammer while she was in Walmart. 

He told her he was a detective and she was going to be arrested because she had an overdraft at her bank for $328 since early 2014. If she wanted to keep from being arrested she needed to get it paid and of course to him. He wanted her credit card number and she would have been better off to have given him the credit card number, but she was going to be safe so she wired him the money.

She really had no idea what had happen, until she got home and told her mother. Her mother began telling her that there was no way that she would have gotten by this long banking with the bank and never hearing anything from the bank. Since she was constantly depositing her money with them, they could have consulted with her about settling for the overdraft which usually is automatically done with a bank anyway. Once you deposit your money it is cleared and you have to pay a fee for having the overdraft. 

The only way the bank is going to do anything is if you never cleared the overdraft and you will get notification from the bank. You won't be banking there as usual if you make some big mistake. They will have you come in and discuss it with them.

The elderly and the young are being scammed over and over again. Many times it does sound legit. It is best to just tell them sorry, I am going to check it out, if you don't remember anything or not sure if they could be telling the truth. Usually, if you're going to arrested, they don't give you a notice, they just arrest you. Unfortunately the law today is getting harder and harder with everyone whether they are criminals or not.

Now lets get to the part about paying with the credit card. If the girl would have paid with the credit card, he would probably have charge more, which makes it easy then to call and say fraud. The detective is going to get the money, but if you tell everything that has happened, you will be covered. Just make sure you close your card as soon as you do it, because if you checked and seen that you never did the things he was accusing you of, you are going to want to close the card and get a new one.

Another thing I would advise you to do, is to get the so called detective to put the charges on your email for you before you pay them, because after you pay them you will never receive a receipt, as the girl who was scammed. This may scare them away, but if they give you an argument just tell them you want a document showing whatever they say your are going to be arrested for on you email so you can see it. More than likely they will hang up the phone, but if they do give you a document, then there is your proof that you were scammed that you will need for your dispute. Especially if you plan on paying them and don't take the time to check into it before you pay.

 Save all documents so you can give them to your credit card company. This is why I say pay it on your credit card so you can get your money back. If you wired them the money it is gone. 

With scammers hitting on everyone anymore then please play it safe and check everything out before paying. If you need help then email me at chrisankeny999@gmail.com and I will help you.