Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Whose Being Scammed

Whose being scammed? I can tell you it is really hard to tell anymore. I received a call the other day and they told me they had information I had been scammed but was unable to get my money back from Chase. I told them that was true. I told them that Chase paid part of it but they said that the company no longer had  money in the reserve to cover the whole amount and they would not cover it. Of course Chase and I fought for ever, but I never could get anywhere and unless I took them to court I could not get my money back. Going to court could end up being very costly and take a very long time so I decided to let it go.

This company said that they could get the money back and what I would have to pay them would also get back to me. I really thought it sounded strange.

They were wanting me to get a cash advance for the money that I lost in the scam. I had no cards big enough that would give me that much cash, but I did have checks from another card that was 0 percent interest that I could write myself. So I did, then I was to pay them $4500 on another credit card. They told me that I would be talking to someone who would be working with me to get all the money back.

 I did get a call from someone, but when I began questioning him about what was going on, he really didn't seem to know. I told him the first man said that I wouldn't have to pay taxes on the money I got back and that the case was to be taken to the Visa and Master card company to prove all the things that were done wrong.

By the time I finished talking to him, I realized that actually all they were doing was having me not pay anything on the cards over a period of time and make them go into collection. Then they were going to fight it hoping I wouldn't have to pay anything. The only thing the second man couldn't guarantee that I wouldn't have to pay taxes on the money that did not get paid off.

 I asked him if he could guarantee whether the credit card company would not take you to court. He said he could not guarantee it. I also said to him that actually he was scamming the credit card company and if they kept doing that for large amounts of money, they would make the interest rate go even higher than it is and may cause some banks to go bankrupt. He didn't want to discuss it any longer. Shortly I got a call from the first man saying he was going to refund my money.

 A few days later a got a call from the account telling me I would see the $4500 back on my credit card, but I asked him about the late fee I had. He told me he wasn't going to pay for it. I told him it would be wise because I would do more to them then they would like to see. He just got mad and hung up.

 That day I received an email from Paypal saying I was going to have a refund on my credit card. then two days later, Paypal sends me another email saying that the refund was not being sent. So I called my credit card company told them the whole story said I wanted to dispute. They could not believe a company was doing something like that and stated I had a very good case.

A few days pass and another of the men who work for the company said that they would send my refund just stop the dispute. I said I would if they paid the late fee and any interest that may have occurred. He agreed.

To finish the blog I got my money back, but whose being scammed, to me I think it's the credit card companies that are getting hit this time and what will it cost us in the end. So if you should get a call telling you that you can rent your credit card back to the credit card company which this was one of their other deals, or help get money back, just say no.