Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Are You Getting Calls From Microsoft Technicians


  Are you getting call from Microsoft technicians, telling you that you are having problems with your computer? I know they are not Microsoft technicians and I finally got them to omit that they weren't but that they said that they worked for them and that they had been sent notification that my security had stopped working on all my computers and I was being hacked.

  They wanted me to let them in on my computer but I wouldn't, so they said they would tell me how to get to the area on my computer where I can see all the places that had stopped working on Microsoft. I went to the places they said and yes, I saw that the security had stopped on my new computer. So of course, I let them in and that was the biggest mistake. They were wanting $2000 to for security protection and to clean my computers. I told them that I really was not going to pay that much and my son was a computer technician and I knew of ways to put protection on my computers that did not cost that much so they finally came down to 299.99 for 5 yrs where the other was for a lifetime.

  By this time I was beginning to think they were scammers anyway and I wouldn't give them much to start with, so off they began working on my computers. One technicians called and said I was being hacked and he had put a stop to it but he wanted me to check my email and bank account. There were very strange pictures on my computer saying hacker 1 and hacker 2. I checked my email and everything was okay but I went to another computer that they had not got on yet and checked my bank account. Everything was okay there too, but when I told the technician that I was okay in the bank, he was upset because I used the other computer. He asked me why I didn't use the one he was working on, I told him I didn't want him watching me logging into my account. He accused me of not trusting him, which I said that I agreed with him. He then really got mad and another technician came on, asking me why I didn't get on my account on the computer where they were working. I flat told him I didn't trust him and he just apologized and said they would try and get the computers finished. 

  I kept watching the computers, when all of the sudden on the first computer they were working on I saw that someone was getting into my credit card account. I then took them off the computer and was trying to get them off the other computers when they called me back. The technician wanted to know why I was taking them off I told them it was because they had gotten in to my credit card account. He denied it and said I was being hacked. I said that was strange since you said that the computer was almost done. So if you were on it then why were the hackers on it and not on the other computers. He said that they just were. 

 Then on the other other computer it started flashing that I had $50,000 being taken from my account and being sent to Russia call Microsoft.I decided it was time to close all the computers and I told the technician I was no longer talking to him. 
 What was really bad was when I called the number that was supposedly to Microsoft, The man who answered sounded so much like the other technicians I had been talking to. I even asked him if he was from India but he denied it. I told him I really didn't think I was talking to Microsoft, but he assured me he was with Microsoft. As I talked to him he said he could fix my problem plus put security on my computer for $1499. I told him he was way too high and I really didn't think he was with Microsoft. I then looked at the phone number on my cell phone and looked at the number on my land line they were exactly the same.That meant I was speaking to the ones who called me earlier that had made a mess on my computers. 
 I told the man I knew who he was and that he was not with Microsoft, since he used the number earlier to call me and had me call him with this number. He said that if I didn't do as he said my computers would not work and they would be hacked into. I said it would be hard if they were all off and I would turn your numbers into the Federal Government. Then he just tried to talk me into paying him money to fix the computer and putting security and I just finally hung up.

  They called back again but I just said no.The point of this whole story is Microsoft does not call people, so are you getting calls from Microsoft technicians, the answer is no. No matter what they say it is best to hang up. I can tell you they put on 8 viruses on my computer and it took me days to restore them. Luckily I do know some things about computers. They had taken down all my protection and I had to put in all back up again. I had to restore one computer back to manufacturing because it was only 2 weeks old.
 So far all my accounts are intact hopefully the new security, such as  McAfee Internet Security and Firewall, I put on will protect my computers now.