Friday, March 20, 2015

Will You Get A Refund Or Dispute

When it comes to a refund or dispute it all depends on the place you used your credit card. Knowing that not all merchants sell things that are in the best of condition nor do they offer the best business offers, that is why we need to use our credit cards and not our checks so you will at least know you will get a refund or dispute.

If ever you come across one of these merchants, you can guess, if you write them a check your money is long lost, but by using your credit card. if they deny the refund, which they probably will, since they are selling bad merchandise, then at least you have a chance to get it back by disputing the charge on the credit card.

 Saving all your receipts, contracts and statements are important. It is important to email them as well as call, because you can print your email and what ever they might answer also. Although I have found that most of the time they don't answer phone nor their emails, which is okay, that just gives me more ammo against them in my dispute.

So if you wonder whether you will get a refund or dispute, just prepare yourself in case you don't get that refund. I have been lucky many times and have gotten the refund because the company wasn't a scammer but I did threaten to take them to the BBB (Better Business Bureau), to their Attorney General, Consumers Complaint, and Ripoff Report. Usually this makes them a little nervous and if the amount isn't too large they just refund it. Let's hope you will never have to worry about a refund or dispute.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Are They Really Selling Your Timeshare

 Are they really selling your timeshare when they call and say that they are selling timeshares and they see that you have one that several people are interested in it. I even asked them if they were wanting upfront money to sell it when they called me, but they said no. I told them that was great, because if they were I was going to have them sell it. I also asked if they were a company that lures people in, then tells them how dumb they were in buying a timeshare and all the problems they would have as time would roll on. He just stammered a little and said that timeshares were hard to sell and most people couldn't get much for them, that was why they were selling them for those that couldn't get rid of them. I warned him he better not tell me that I could pay him 5 to 6000 dollars and he would take the timeshares from me and I would never have to pay the maintenance fee again, because I would tell everyone there not to listen, because there is an easier way to get rid of it them.then paying him, especially if they are all on Social Security.

  He tried to assure me that it wasn't done that way and made an appointment for us. The only thing, he put all his information in my email, even his business name and his connection with the BBB. He tried to tell me they had an A+ rating but I told him that an A+ rating is usually purchased from the BBB and you almost have to be perfect to have an A or A- rating.

  So of course I checked it with the BBB and they were not perfect. They had 14 complaints this last year, pretty much for the way they advertised. Everyone pretty much complained how they were told one thing then they found out they wanted money from them to take their timeshare.

  If you get any calls saying that they will sell your timeshare with no upfront money or get rid of your maintenance fee, all they are going to do is ask for a lot of money upfront and take your deeds. What is really bad you really can't trust that they will transfer them. If they don't transfer them, you will still be paying those high maintenance fees.

  The company that called me and that wouldn't tell me what they truly did is called Group Wise Inc., their website is gwtimeshareservices.com. Even on their website, they say that they don't sell websites, but the salesman did with no upfront money. As you can guess I am not going to waste my time to go to the meeting and drive the distance. It is too bad for the people who do.

 So ask yourself when they call and tell you they are going to sell your timeshare. Are they really going to sell your timeshare or is it a scam?