Sunday, February 15, 2015

How Can A Credit Card Make Money

  Have you ever wondered how can a credit card make money, well it can and I have explained some ways that it can in earlier blogs. Now I will explain more ways you can make money by using your credit card to pay your bills, or buy the things you need.

  One way that can earn you money is called Ebates.com If you go online and check Ebates, you will see it is a place for you to get cash back from stores that you purchase online. I even got an Ebates credit card because it gave me an additional 3% when I used it to purchase items on their online stores.

  For example, if I would go to ebates.com then click on JC Pennys, purchase an item, you would get 6% cash back, but if you would use your Ebates credit card you would get and additional 3% back, making a total of  9% cash back. Which is paid back every 3months. I will be getting $114 in a few days. As you see it adds up. Now when I purchase from Lowes I get only 2% back, I don't use my Ebates card because with my Lowes card I get 5% off my purchase price. If it is more than $599 I can usually get 0% interest for 18 months with it.

  Lowes is not the only card that will give you 0% interest for a large purchases so will several others, such as Best Buy and Samsclub.

 Also Ebates is not the only card to give cash back for online purchases. Discover and Chase will give 5% depending if it is a department store or a special store purchase they choose for a certain time of the year and it is sponsored by Ebates you can get extra cash back.

   How can a credit card make money for you, well you have just seen a few and I tell you there are several others especially when you see good investments, but you need to know how to be able to pay that credit card off when you purchase because if you don't you will lose money by paying the high interest rates.