Friday, January 9, 2015


You want to beware of Windows tech calls,  it is very wise to just hang up on the caller who you randomly saying he is a Windows technician and wants you to go to your computer because you are having trouble with your computer. He says he is calling to get it straighten out and because he works for Microsoft Windows he knows that you are having a problem that you don't know about.. I guarantee he is not there to straighten anything out but get as much information as he can or else sell you something that is normally worthless. 

  Half the time these scammers are hackers and can figure out how to maneuver your computer into letting them know all the passwords to getting on your computer or they go in and change passwords so that you can't get on and really believe that you are having a problem. 

  If ever you do let one of these on then it is wise to just get rid of your computer or change your wireless company. At least if you have a different IP address they cannot get back into your computer. They managed to get your IP address the first time they got in, so if you change your wireless company so does your IP address.

 So beware of Windows tech calls who really want to scam, not help. Windows is not going to tell you that you have a problem by calling you. They usually let you know by the computer.