Thursday, December 3, 2015

A New Scammer Hitting The Emails

A new scammer hitting the emails, and they are called Shop N Check. They will come in to your email and ask if you would like to work for them and they are paying $250 per job. They seem legit because they want you to do surveys on Wal-Mart, Target, KMart and so on, because they have been having many complaining about poor sales help, rudeness, unable to get their money back and other problems with the companies. 

They have you fill out a application that appears very safe not asking for any important information that can hurt you. So everything appears safe, but here's the catch. A few weeks after you apply you receive a check in the mail. I was very surprised when I saw the check because it was for $1775.00. It was a cashier check made out to me. I thought this was very strange why were they sending so much money. So I began reading the instructions.

They wanted me to cash the check. They said if I should have problems and the bank wanted to just deposit it in my account send them the receipt, but white out the bank information. The more I read the more I began to think this company was a scammer.

They wanted me to wire $750 from Wal-Mart to Wal-Mart to a man in Norman, Oklahoma and then also wire another $750 to the same man from Western Union. They allowed for traveling and charges for wiring. The only thing was I thought that was a large amount to be using for testing. Why would they be so trusting to send such large amount of money to people they don't know nor did they get any ID from us to see how our credit was.

I decided it would be wise to check into everything before I did anything. First, of all, the return address was from Oklahoma. The address on the letter head was from Dallas, Texas, but what was even stranger yet the cashiers check was out of Plantsville, Connecticut. Every name was different on every thing.

I decided to call Wells Fargo Bank to find out if it was legit even though the letter said to keep everything a mystery and not let anyone know. That made it sound a little fishy too. Wells Fargo could not find a cashier check that size being submitted at all. They also said that they have been getting many calls as far away as California saying that the checks are bouncing and they were trying to figure out who was doing it. It seemed I was the only one so far who called them still having the check and all the information, which I emailed the information to them. I also told them who the sender was and the name was J Dennis Louchen. When I told her that she definitely told me the check wasn't any good, because some how someone add gotten one of his checks and has been making copies of them, so if you should get one don't cash it. If you get an offer to a job through the email forget it, they usually are scammers.

As you know I watch for new scammers hitting the email and calling on the phone, so I can alert every one. I just hope you stay alert because it is becoming big time business. Almost everything is becoming a scam anymore. You really need to check everything out, the faster the company gets you to sign contracts the more doubt you should have with the company and then you need to slow them down and read those contracts carefully, because they may contain something you might not want to be involved in. So take care and keep up with my site,

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Are You Being Scammed

Are you being scammed? Such a good question and one you need to ask yourself every time you get a call asking you if you want to make some money from home.

 I know I have said this many times, but lately it seems the calls are getting to be happening more often every day. What is strange, they used to want to charge $400 to $500 to build you a website but now they are practically giving them away. I think it makes it easier for you to say yes. The only thing is when you say yes, they've got got you and that is when the scam truly begins.

They send you over to someone to get you verified and then the next thing you find yourself talking to someone who wants to tell you how to make your website make lots of money by doing marketing through email and they will send you through all kinds of email so you will be able to build your traffic.

The only problem is they just have so many emails and if they sale a lot of websites for the same product that means a lot of you will have the same information sent to the same emails. As you can see you won't get anywhere. The only way that you might be able to make any money is to put a lot of money out and know how to market your own site and pray you have a great product to sale.

The best thing is to just tell them no thanks and then hang up because most of them do not know what the word no means. If you should say yes, make sure you read all your contracts see if they give you time to cancel and how you have to cancel. Who knows you might want out and can get a refund or dispute may be the next thing if they won't give you a refund, just be aware of all your options and make sure you ask yourself are you being scammed. Oh, one more thing, they always try to keep you on the phone by becoming friends with you and talking about their family and then yours. Trying to find the things you talk about. If you notice the person doing this you can pretty much guess they are scammers and they are trying to make good friends with you so you will trust them. Don't!

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Can You Trust Dish TV

Can you trust Dish TV to tell you everything when signing you up? Well I know I can't. If you are deciding to get Dish satellite that has their new program with a 2 year lock in price, you better make sure you check everything you sign and listen carefully to everything that is said to you.

I was looking for a new connection for my TV because AT&T was getting too expensive, so I called a place that had Cox, Directtv, and Dish. They began quoting me prices for Cox but they were even higher than AT&T, so she told me I should try Dish with special 2 year program. I told her that I really didn't care for Dish because when I did have Dish I had so many problems with losing the picture. She told me it was much better and I had 30 days to check it out if it didn't check out I could cancel it.

So I signed up with Dish, Although it really wasn't a sign up at first. She sends me a copy of my receipt with all the terms at least that is what it said on the email for me to look at and okay. There were no terms to speak of, just costs, nothing about cancellation fees or no grace period, so I okayed it. They came out at 4pm and finished at 9pm then told me to sign a paper and I asked them what it was for and they told me it was just releasing them from the work and saying that they did the job. They showed me where to sign and that is all they showed me and left.

We began having trouble with the remote control so one of the guys came back and worked on it for over an hour but couldn't get it to work any better.  We had to push 5 buttons to just start the TV. Then several time we had troubles losing the picture and the sound and there wasn't even a storm outside. That was when we decided to cancel, but that's when all Hell broke loose.

 When I called to cancel Dish I called the main company not the local company where I got Dish. The girl there said that since I was canceling now and it was past 14 days it would cost me $480. I didn't even know what she was talking about I told her I was told I had 30 days and no one told me there was $480 cancellation fee.  I also told her the email I received said nothing about the $480 cancellation fee. I told her I even kept it, because I might need it if I had to use it in a dispute which looks like I just might need it. 

 When I tried to cancel it turned into a big battle and I was sent to a manager who told me to see if one of my family members would want the Dish.

I called my daughter, because she had said she was going to change TV plans but when I told her it was Dish she flat told me no, that she would never have them again because when she canceled with them, the next day the put the cancellation fee on her credit card which she knew nothing about.

I decided before I called them back my only thing to do was cancel my credit card. What was sad was that I had a lot of credit with them and I had been with them for many years, but I called them anyway. They were upset that I wanted to cancel and they even called Dish to reason with them. That was worthless, although we found out that not only did I have to pay $480 but I had to pay tax on that too, bringing it up to approximately $520. Discover card was even shocked at their charge and couldn't figure out why they did not make sure their customers understood about no grace period and such a large cancellation fee.

I told Discover to just cancel my card because I did not want to put them at a loss because I did not plan on paying the bill. The credit card lady knew I had told Dish to send me a copy of a signed contract stating that there was a $480 cancellation and they told me I would have it in my email in 48 hours which now has been almost 72 hours I even called them after 48 hours asking where it was and the man assured me he would make sure I would get it in another 48 hours. I told him I would give him that time but then I would make things would  not be so easy for them since they were not following through with what they said they were going to do.

Anyway Discover card wanted me to wait for the contract before I decided anything. She then change the card, hoping no charges would go on it from Dish, but I got an email saying that they had received their monthly payment. I can't see it yet not even in pending transactions. Discover wants me to go ahead and let the $480 go through and then dispute it, but I told them if I have a signed contract it would be really hard to win. I would just let it go to collection. So I am waiting to see about the contract and we will see what I am going to have to do, because can you trust Dish TV.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Will The Elderly Survive Medicare D Plan Change In 2016

I have Silverscript for my Medicare D plan and when I got the new book for 2016 I almost fainted. Almost all my meds had changed in price. I was paying $97.50 every 3 months now I was going to pay almost $400 or more every three months and I only take 6 meds. What are those who have lots of med going to have to pay and have money in the savings and IRAs, which will not let them qualify for Medicare help in paying for meds. Will the elderly survive Medicare D plan in 2016? I doubt it.

What gets worse is the coverage gap or donut hole gap. With the change in  plans the meds are more expensive. I have no deductible but now I will reach the coverage gap because this new gap includes what the insurance company spends and what you spend so now you are going to reach the that $2000 some dollar mark even faster, some companies have a little higher amount, causing you to pay even more like mine. which will jump up to $906 every 3 months.

The crazy thing is they moved the meds up in tiers but not into tiers they belonged in. At least not according to their definition of tiers. If you read their book they say that tier 1 is a generic, tier 2 is a non- preferred generic, tier 3 is a brand, tier 4 is a non-preferred brand, and tier 5 is a specialty drug.

I became very angry when I saw 3 of my meds moved to tier 3 and 1 into tier 4, especially since they were all generics and not brands. It is like going into the drug store and buying Acetaminophine and paying the price of Tylenol for it. This is what the insurance companies are doing. They even put one of my tier 2 meds which is a generic into a tier 4 which my copay will be 45% of the cost of the med.

Luckily, I am a nurse, so I can get the doctors to change my meds and even combine a tier 3  with a tier 2, I will be getting rid of one med all together. I can also change my Digoxin into a different heart medicine that is a tier 2. If you can stay in tier 1 or 2 your cost will be much lower. Those of you who are on cholesterol lowing medicines. if you are over 70 shouldn't be on them unless you cholesterol is near 300. Otherwise take omega complex and build up your good cholesterol to knock out your bad. Those statin drugs are high in cost.

I also tried to explain to Silverscript and also to United Health that they are going to be killing off the elderly because those who can't afford it will stop taking any pills that are too high. I know several who live on small fix incomes that will not take their meds because they can't afford it. I work with several by helping them with their diet and a few natural med to cope with their situation.

Please read the changes and call your company, see if you need to change plans watch what they say to you and find out everything especially the coverage gap. I am going to write this blog on my website http://www.needmedadvice.com hopefully letting as many people know what the Medicare D plan will be like next year. You need to let as many elderly know what is going on and help them if you can. As soon as I have checked out all the plans I am going to the television stations and hope to get help and try to get help from the government but time is short you only have until  December 7 th to try and put a stop to this or change your plan.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Should You Allow Anyone To Get On Your Computer That Calls

Should you allow anyone to get on your computer that calls you? The answer is no. Constantly scammers are calling saying they are from Microsoft, but they are not. Microsoft windows will not call you. They will tell you if you have a problem by alerting you on the computer. So don't believe anyone who calls and says they are with Microsoft.

 I get call almost daily with scammers telling me they are with Microsoft and want to get on my computer. I tell them I know that Microsoft does not call people, but they continue to say they work for them. They also say that they will show me, that my computer is having troubles. just by following what they say and then I will see that I will need let them on the computer. 

They have me enter eventvwr.exe in my program and file search box that you find at the bottom of your Windows box or your programs Window circle when you click on it. It will show you all kinds of things and they usually want you to go Applications and double click. They say you will have all kinds of yellow warnings and red error flags.

 I let them take me there, but it was on my new computer. I told them there was no yellow warning nor red error flags anywhere in there. Then he wanted me to go back down to the bottom of my Windows box again and type in a code that would let him in, that was when I flat told him that I would not let him in. There was nothing wrong with my computer so why should I let him, he thought I should. I could not get him to listen to me so I finally told him I was going to hang up on him.

After his call I decided to do some research, and I found out on the computer through Microsoft that they do not call anyone and if any one needed help they need to go to them for help. They said that there were so many scammers out trying to get into  every ones computer so they could steal their identities, saying they worked for Microsoft, but Microsoft does not make phone calls. 

 I also read one article where a man who was having the same problem as I was having that he just told them he no longer had a Windows but a Mac.So to keep your identities safe please don't allow anyone on your computer who calls you. Just hang up or tell them you have a Mac.                                                                             

Monday, September 14, 2015

Whose Giving Out Grants

Whose giving out grants? I know it's not the government no matter how many times I have been told I can get one from them, unfortunately the government is broke, but lately I have been getting several calls telling me I qualify for grants. I usually ask how much are the grants and they will tell me around 5 to 10,000 dollars. I go on to ask who are offering them. Then they say I can apply for one through them for a small charge and get one through the government.

This is when I begin to tell them that I have already tried to get a grant from the government and the only grants they have are ones they will match for small businesses. You put up $25,000 and the they will give you $25,000 or else if I am a Nigerian that wants to go to school here they will give me a grant to go to school otherwise there is no grants for free money.

So then they change their stories and tell me I could get a grant through a private company. I told them I tried that too. Unless I was starting a business that was like what the company had, they would not give out grants.

I flat told them that they really didn't know what they were talking about and just trying to get money from me and please stop scamming and that was when they would hang up on me.

So as you can see if you get a call from someone who says they can get you a grant, they are just scammers. Just hang up before they take your money or you may be needing to dispute a charge on your credit card to get a refund.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

How To Catch A Scammer

I think scammers love me. I get calls several times a day from scammers. Sometimes it is hard to tell if I am really being scammed, and that is when it's great to learn how to catch a scammer.

The other day I got a call from a scammer who said they were a Windows Tech who had sold me some software to protect my computer. He said their company was going out of business and since I still had time on my contract he needed to refund my money.

 I can tell you right there I knew something was up because very few companies want to refund all the money. I told him he could just put it back on my credit card, but no, he said he needed to get on my computer to get the information and refund through there. I flat told him he was crazy. I was not going to let him on my computer. If he needed my card number I would give it to him and if I saw anything other than the refund I would scream fraud and he would be in trouble. He did not want my card, he wanted on my computer. I just kept telling him no.

He must have called several times a day for weeks telling me about the same thing. I just flat told him then to just send me a check. No, he kept saying he needed to get on my computer. I finally explained to him that he did not have to get on my computer for anything. To do refunds all he had to do was credit my credit card or write me a check, because he was wanting to get on my computer so bad I knew he was just a scammer. He finally hung up and never called back.

Sometimes the only way to learn how to catch a scammer is to talk for awhile and try and find out exactly what they are trying to get from you. If they want any information that can get your identity you can guess that they probably are a scammer and it is wise to not tell them anything. No matter how tempting it may seem. Don't give out money for anything no matter how enticing it sounds. When they call you on the phone usually it's a scam. 

If they threaten you then just tell them you will call the company that they are working for and try to work it out with them and don't get the number from them, look it up yourself.

There are so many scams today that it is so hard to tell one call from the other, either hang up and don't talk at all or question them with so many questions that they begin to have doubts that they can even scam you. Anyway good luck.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Phone Scams Are Rising

Phone scams are rising and it is so frustrating to answer the phone and you hear such a sweet voice from a young girl, telling you that you could get a great deal where you can stop paying your maintenance fees on your timeshares and still keep your timeshares. To me, it sounded a little fishy, so of course, I said no, but she goes on to say that they were giving a free meal at a steakhouse which was nearly an hour away. She also said that they had a lot of information on how to hold on to the timeshare and not  pay maintenance especially if we bought it before 2009 because many salesmen weren't honest with how everything was done. The Government had got into it and change some of the things. She really began to sound convincing and was very friendly.

I did find out she was with a company called Four Season Travel which still made me a little suspicious, but I said yes, because they said Wyndham was also going to give some updates because we belonged to Wyndham and I could say all the things I thought were bad about them.

Two days before I go I get an email telling all the owners of the timeshare need to be there plus they wanted me to bring the deed. By then I really began to wonder if she was telling any truth at all.

When we got there they wanted to know if I had bought my deed and if all owners were there and I answered no to both. I then find out that they belong to the travel club I mentioned before, I told them I owned three travel clubs and they are just as bad as timeshare. They weren't happy with what I said. They told me we couldn't stay for dinner because they could help us. Of  course, I became angry after driving so far. I told them that they lied to us to get us there. They didn't plan on helping us get rid of our maintenance fee that is steadily climbing every year. They said they would take it on a trade-in for a travel plan that would cost almost $8000 with trade-in and they felt we wouldn't be interested so we didn't need to stay for dinner.

As you can see once they realized that I wasn't going to purchase anything they weren't going to keep me there at all. We just wasted our time and gas going somewhere that we were lied to about, just to get us there.

So if you have any timeshares and you get a call from Four Season Travel Club it would be very wise to just hang up. You may be owning more than you bargained for and less happier.This is just one phone scam I have had lately and in the next article I will tell you about the computer scammer that called me wanting to get on my computer, So keep watch for the next article.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

The Young Are Being Scammed


It is really sad to see the young being scammed now along with the elderly. Just the other day a girl of 18,  just graduated from high school received a call from a scammer while she was in Walmart. 

He told her he was a detective and she was going to be arrested because she had an overdraft at her bank for $328 since early 2014. If she wanted to keep from being arrested she needed to get it paid and of course to him. He wanted her credit card number and she would have been better off to have given him the credit card number, but she was going to be safe so she wired him the money.

She really had no idea what had happen, until she got home and told her mother. Her mother began telling her that there was no way that she would have gotten by this long banking with the bank and never hearing anything from the bank. Since she was constantly depositing her money with them, they could have consulted with her about settling for the overdraft which usually is automatically done with a bank anyway. Once you deposit your money it is cleared and you have to pay a fee for having the overdraft. 

The only way the bank is going to do anything is if you never cleared the overdraft and you will get notification from the bank. You won't be banking there as usual if you make some big mistake. They will have you come in and discuss it with them.

The elderly and the young are being scammed over and over again. Many times it does sound legit. It is best to just tell them sorry, I am going to check it out, if you don't remember anything or not sure if they could be telling the truth. Usually, if you're going to arrested, they don't give you a notice, they just arrest you. Unfortunately the law today is getting harder and harder with everyone whether they are criminals or not.

Now lets get to the part about paying with the credit card. If the girl would have paid with the credit card, he would probably have charge more, which makes it easy then to call and say fraud. The detective is going to get the money, but if you tell everything that has happened, you will be covered. Just make sure you close your card as soon as you do it, because if you checked and seen that you never did the things he was accusing you of, you are going to want to close the card and get a new one.

Another thing I would advise you to do, is to get the so called detective to put the charges on your email for you before you pay them, because after you pay them you will never receive a receipt, as the girl who was scammed. This may scare them away, but if they give you an argument just tell them you want a document showing whatever they say your are going to be arrested for on you email so you can see it. More than likely they will hang up the phone, but if they do give you a document, then there is your proof that you were scammed that you will need for your dispute. Especially if you plan on paying them and don't take the time to check into it before you pay.

 Save all documents so you can give them to your credit card company. This is why I say pay it on your credit card so you can get your money back. If you wired them the money it is gone. 

With scammers hitting on everyone anymore then please play it safe and check everything out before paying. If you need help then email me at chrisankeny999@gmail.com and I will help you.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Whose Being Scammed

Whose being scammed? I can tell you it is really hard to tell anymore. I received a call the other day and they told me they had information I had been scammed but was unable to get my money back from Chase. I told them that was true. I told them that Chase paid part of it but they said that the company no longer had  money in the reserve to cover the whole amount and they would not cover it. Of course Chase and I fought for ever, but I never could get anywhere and unless I took them to court I could not get my money back. Going to court could end up being very costly and take a very long time so I decided to let it go.

This company said that they could get the money back and what I would have to pay them would also get back to me. I really thought it sounded strange.

They were wanting me to get a cash advance for the money that I lost in the scam. I had no cards big enough that would give me that much cash, but I did have checks from another card that was 0 percent interest that I could write myself. So I did, then I was to pay them $4500 on another credit card. They told me that I would be talking to someone who would be working with me to get all the money back.

 I did get a call from someone, but when I began questioning him about what was going on, he really didn't seem to know. I told him the first man said that I wouldn't have to pay taxes on the money I got back and that the case was to be taken to the Visa and Master card company to prove all the things that were done wrong.

By the time I finished talking to him, I realized that actually all they were doing was having me not pay anything on the cards over a period of time and make them go into collection. Then they were going to fight it hoping I wouldn't have to pay anything. The only thing the second man couldn't guarantee that I wouldn't have to pay taxes on the money that did not get paid off.

 I asked him if he could guarantee whether the credit card company would not take you to court. He said he could not guarantee it. I also said to him that actually he was scamming the credit card company and if they kept doing that for large amounts of money, they would make the interest rate go even higher than it is and may cause some banks to go bankrupt. He didn't want to discuss it any longer. Shortly I got a call from the first man saying he was going to refund my money.

 A few days later a got a call from the account telling me I would see the $4500 back on my credit card, but I asked him about the late fee I had. He told me he wasn't going to pay for it. I told him it would be wise because I would do more to them then they would like to see. He just got mad and hung up.

 That day I received an email from Paypal saying I was going to have a refund on my credit card. then two days later, Paypal sends me another email saying that the refund was not being sent. So I called my credit card company told them the whole story said I wanted to dispute. They could not believe a company was doing something like that and stated I had a very good case.

A few days pass and another of the men who work for the company said that they would send my refund just stop the dispute. I said I would if they paid the late fee and any interest that may have occurred. He agreed.

To finish the blog I got my money back, but whose being scammed, to me I think it's the credit card companies that are getting hit this time and what will it cost us in the end. So if you should get a call telling you that you can rent your credit card back to the credit card company which this was one of their other deals, or help get money back, just say no.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Are You Getting Calls From Microsoft Technicians


  Are you getting call from Microsoft technicians, telling you that you are having problems with your computer? I know they are not Microsoft technicians and I finally got them to omit that they weren't but that they said that they worked for them and that they had been sent notification that my security had stopped working on all my computers and I was being hacked.

  They wanted me to let them in on my computer but I wouldn't, so they said they would tell me how to get to the area on my computer where I can see all the places that had stopped working on Microsoft. I went to the places they said and yes, I saw that the security had stopped on my new computer. So of course, I let them in and that was the biggest mistake. They were wanting $2000 to for security protection and to clean my computers. I told them that I really was not going to pay that much and my son was a computer technician and I knew of ways to put protection on my computers that did not cost that much so they finally came down to 299.99 for 5 yrs where the other was for a lifetime.

  By this time I was beginning to think they were scammers anyway and I wouldn't give them much to start with, so off they began working on my computers. One technicians called and said I was being hacked and he had put a stop to it but he wanted me to check my email and bank account. There were very strange pictures on my computer saying hacker 1 and hacker 2. I checked my email and everything was okay but I went to another computer that they had not got on yet and checked my bank account. Everything was okay there too, but when I told the technician that I was okay in the bank, he was upset because I used the other computer. He asked me why I didn't use the one he was working on, I told him I didn't want him watching me logging into my account. He accused me of not trusting him, which I said that I agreed with him. He then really got mad and another technician came on, asking me why I didn't get on my account on the computer where they were working. I flat told him I didn't trust him and he just apologized and said they would try and get the computers finished. 

  I kept watching the computers, when all of the sudden on the first computer they were working on I saw that someone was getting into my credit card account. I then took them off the computer and was trying to get them off the other computers when they called me back. The technician wanted to know why I was taking them off I told them it was because they had gotten in to my credit card account. He denied it and said I was being hacked. I said that was strange since you said that the computer was almost done. So if you were on it then why were the hackers on it and not on the other computers. He said that they just were. 

 Then on the other other computer it started flashing that I had $50,000 being taken from my account and being sent to Russia call Microsoft.I decided it was time to close all the computers and I told the technician I was no longer talking to him. 
 What was really bad was when I called the number that was supposedly to Microsoft, The man who answered sounded so much like the other technicians I had been talking to. I even asked him if he was from India but he denied it. I told him I really didn't think I was talking to Microsoft, but he assured me he was with Microsoft. As I talked to him he said he could fix my problem plus put security on my computer for $1499. I told him he was way too high and I really didn't think he was with Microsoft. I then looked at the phone number on my cell phone and looked at the number on my land line they were exactly the same.That meant I was speaking to the ones who called me earlier that had made a mess on my computers. 
 I told the man I knew who he was and that he was not with Microsoft, since he used the number earlier to call me and had me call him with this number. He said that if I didn't do as he said my computers would not work and they would be hacked into. I said it would be hard if they were all off and I would turn your numbers into the Federal Government. Then he just tried to talk me into paying him money to fix the computer and putting security and I just finally hung up.

  They called back again but I just said no.The point of this whole story is Microsoft does not call people, so are you getting calls from Microsoft technicians, the answer is no. No matter what they say it is best to hang up. I can tell you they put on 8 viruses on my computer and it took me days to restore them. Luckily I do know some things about computers. They had taken down all my protection and I had to put in all back up again. I had to restore one computer back to manufacturing because it was only 2 weeks old.
 So far all my accounts are intact hopefully the new security, such as  McAfee Internet Security and Firewall, I put on will protect my computers now.


Friday, March 20, 2015

Will You Get A Refund Or Dispute

When it comes to a refund or dispute it all depends on the place you used your credit card. Knowing that not all merchants sell things that are in the best of condition nor do they offer the best business offers, that is why we need to use our credit cards and not our checks so you will at least know you will get a refund or dispute.

If ever you come across one of these merchants, you can guess, if you write them a check your money is long lost, but by using your credit card. if they deny the refund, which they probably will, since they are selling bad merchandise, then at least you have a chance to get it back by disputing the charge on the credit card.

 Saving all your receipts, contracts and statements are important. It is important to email them as well as call, because you can print your email and what ever they might answer also. Although I have found that most of the time they don't answer phone nor their emails, which is okay, that just gives me more ammo against them in my dispute.

So if you wonder whether you will get a refund or dispute, just prepare yourself in case you don't get that refund. I have been lucky many times and have gotten the refund because the company wasn't a scammer but I did threaten to take them to the BBB (Better Business Bureau), to their Attorney General, Consumers Complaint, and Ripoff Report. Usually this makes them a little nervous and if the amount isn't too large they just refund it. Let's hope you will never have to worry about a refund or dispute.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Are They Really Selling Your Timeshare

 Are they really selling your timeshare when they call and say that they are selling timeshares and they see that you have one that several people are interested in it. I even asked them if they were wanting upfront money to sell it when they called me, but they said no. I told them that was great, because if they were I was going to have them sell it. I also asked if they were a company that lures people in, then tells them how dumb they were in buying a timeshare and all the problems they would have as time would roll on. He just stammered a little and said that timeshares were hard to sell and most people couldn't get much for them, that was why they were selling them for those that couldn't get rid of them. I warned him he better not tell me that I could pay him 5 to 6000 dollars and he would take the timeshares from me and I would never have to pay the maintenance fee again, because I would tell everyone there not to listen, because there is an easier way to get rid of it them.then paying him, especially if they are all on Social Security.

  He tried to assure me that it wasn't done that way and made an appointment for us. The only thing, he put all his information in my email, even his business name and his connection with the BBB. He tried to tell me they had an A+ rating but I told him that an A+ rating is usually purchased from the BBB and you almost have to be perfect to have an A or A- rating.

  So of course I checked it with the BBB and they were not perfect. They had 14 complaints this last year, pretty much for the way they advertised. Everyone pretty much complained how they were told one thing then they found out they wanted money from them to take their timeshare.

  If you get any calls saying that they will sell your timeshare with no upfront money or get rid of your maintenance fee, all they are going to do is ask for a lot of money upfront and take your deeds. What is really bad you really can't trust that they will transfer them. If they don't transfer them, you will still be paying those high maintenance fees.

  The company that called me and that wouldn't tell me what they truly did is called Group Wise Inc., their website is gwtimeshareservices.com. Even on their website, they say that they don't sell websites, but the salesman did with no upfront money. As you can guess I am not going to waste my time to go to the meeting and drive the distance. It is too bad for the people who do.

 So ask yourself when they call and tell you they are going to sell your timeshare. Are they really going to sell your timeshare or is it a scam?


Sunday, February 15, 2015

How Can A Credit Card Make Money

  Have you ever wondered how can a credit card make money, well it can and I have explained some ways that it can in earlier blogs. Now I will explain more ways you can make money by using your credit card to pay your bills, or buy the things you need.

  One way that can earn you money is called Ebates.com If you go online and check Ebates, you will see it is a place for you to get cash back from stores that you purchase online. I even got an Ebates credit card because it gave me an additional 3% when I used it to purchase items on their online stores.

  For example, if I would go to ebates.com then click on JC Pennys, purchase an item, you would get 6% cash back, but if you would use your Ebates credit card you would get and additional 3% back, making a total of  9% cash back. Which is paid back every 3months. I will be getting $114 in a few days. As you see it adds up. Now when I purchase from Lowes I get only 2% back, I don't use my Ebates card because with my Lowes card I get 5% off my purchase price. If it is more than $599 I can usually get 0% interest for 18 months with it.

  Lowes is not the only card that will give you 0% interest for a large purchases so will several others, such as Best Buy and Samsclub.

 Also Ebates is not the only card to give cash back for online purchases. Discover and Chase will give 5% depending if it is a department store or a special store purchase they choose for a certain time of the year and it is sponsored by Ebates you can get extra cash back.

   How can a credit card make money for you, well you have just seen a few and I tell you there are several others especially when you see good investments, but you need to know how to be able to pay that credit card off when you purchase because if you don't you will lose money by paying the high interest rates.


Friday, January 9, 2015


You want to beware of Windows tech calls,  it is very wise to just hang up on the caller who you randomly saying he is a Windows technician and wants you to go to your computer because you are having trouble with your computer. He says he is calling to get it straighten out and because he works for Microsoft Windows he knows that you are having a problem that you don't know about.. I guarantee he is not there to straighten anything out but get as much information as he can or else sell you something that is normally worthless. 

  Half the time these scammers are hackers and can figure out how to maneuver your computer into letting them know all the passwords to getting on your computer or they go in and change passwords so that you can't get on and really believe that you are having a problem. 

  If ever you do let one of these on then it is wise to just get rid of your computer or change your wireless company. At least if you have a different IP address they cannot get back into your computer. They managed to get your IP address the first time they got in, so if you change your wireless company so does your IP address.

 So beware of Windows tech calls who really want to scam, not help. Windows is not going to tell you that you have a problem by calling you. They usually let you know by the computer.