Tuesday, December 23, 2014


  Being elderly, I constantly am getting calls from scammers many are from the same ones, but the other day I got the new scam on the elderly. 

  I was called from a man who said he was with Medicare, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and United Health. Of course as soon as he said that I told him I did not need any health insurance. Strangely, he answered back that he was not selling health insurance he was getting information for Medicare. I told him I thought that really strange because the other insurance companies were separate from Medicare so how could he be working for the others too. He assured me he was with Medicare and gave me a license number which I really figured was fake, but I thought I would let him talk so I would have something for my blog.

  He asked me if I was a diabetic, I answered no, he asked if I had back or knee pain, I said no. All my answers were no because I was hoping he would get to the point. Then he asked for the number on my Medicare card. I told him he did not need that number, he said he did because Medicare was redoing all cards. I told him he was crazy because Medicare would not be calling for a number. They expect you to call them if you need a new card. I also went on to say that many elderly are being scammed by people like him who want information about them to steal their IDs. So they tell all kinds of lies to get the information, that is when he hung up on me.

  Please those of you who are elderly and on Medicare, do not believe every thing you are told on the phone because you will easily be scammed. You know how important the number is on your Medicare card. Do you really think Medicare will be calling you and asking you for that number, they know what your number is. They call to verify your address to mail that card to you not asking information to put on that card that they have. So please remember not to give anything important over the phone or you are going to be the elderly who was scammed.