Monday, November 17, 2014


  I don't usually write another blog the next day, but today has been really very unusual because phone scams on a rampage. Starting the day off, I got three calls practically on top of each other and  they were all from scammers. So I thought I should give you an alert because I think since it is almost Christmas, the scammers are wanting money. 

  Being elderly doesn't really help me because that is who they like to prey on most, we are the most gullible. The first call I got today was a woman saying the government was giving me $9000. She went on to say I was chosen because I had stayed out of debt, hadn't filed bankruptcy so I was picked. She asked me if I would like to have my money put in my bank account. That was out, because I would never give anyone my bank account number over the phone and I hope none of you will. 

  Then she asked me if I would like to have it wired. I said to her how much was she going to charge me to get the money and that was when she hung up. I guess she realized I didn't believe what she was saying and that she was just trying to either get money from me or information. 

  The next call was another lady who said that I was chose to test products and for testing them I would receive a $100 visa card and a $50 dining card. She asked me if I wanted to test the products, I said okay. I was transferred to someone else, who wanted my name and address, so they could ship the cards and the test products. Although what was really strange they asked if I wanted to test today I said yes, but they then turned around and said I had to wait for the products, that was when I really began to realize they were scamming.

  Next they told me that they needed a $1.95 to pay for the shipping, and that was when I knew what they really were wanting, the money and a credit card number. It may not sound like a lot but if you give them your bank account or credit card they can get more and also a $1.95 builds up when you call over 60 or people an hour. So I just hung up.

  The last call I had was from a man which was a recording telling me that I was in trouble with the IRS and I had better call him or have my lawyer call him, because I was going to have to pay a large amount of money. That call I knew was a scam because I have had them before. I just called back, left a message, telling him that he needed to watch what he was doing, because I knew that the IRS does not make calls, they send out notices, telling you exactly what you have done and that you have time to prove whether you did or did not do it. While I was at it I reported him to titga.gov because I did have his number.

  Now what was really strange, all of these people spoke with an accent, what the accent was I have no idea, but they sure had American names for such an accent. The day isn't even half over so who knows how many more I will get. It is important that you do not give any of your information over the phone no matter how good it sounds. In fact the better it sounds the bigger the scam. 

 Remember if you are an older person you can pretty much count on people calling you and scamming you so it is best to hang up then talk to the people. I do it just to get information for my blogs to help all of you.                                                                                                                                                                                          

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