Saturday, November 15, 2014


 Are being billed correctly? I wrote about phone bills not being correct but I have now found that they are not the only ones who are not billing correctly, so it is important that you look over your bill very well to check for mistakes. It doesn't matter what the bill is, because I guarantee, no company is free from making mistakes.

  Sometimes I wonder if they do it on purpose because they know that most of us don't know what our Sales Taxes are and never really look our bills closely.

  I became very irritable with Cox cable because my bills were way off and I was also having trouble with my TV. My first bill was $276. I thought that was high so I began to scan the bill. Right away I found they had overcharged me for installation and also I had not received credit from not finishing out the full month with my Internet and since I was going into a bundle my charges were going to be different. There were other problems and by the time we were done my bill was only $218, which seemed to more the right amount.

 I never received the next months bill, but I was charged $68. I couldn't figure out why I was charge that amount when my monthly amount was to be $128. I thought I would wait and see what the next month bill would say.

  When I got the next month bill it said $222. Here again I could not see why it was so high, I knew I had a fee of $128 and since they only charge me $68 I figured I owed them an extra $60 plus $24 for adding on a sport package that should have made it $212. I tried to figure out the bill it was impossible, they had charge me again $60 for complete home installation which I didn't have although they gave me two $68 credits, it still didn't work out so I called them again.

  Not only did I complain of the billing problems but also of the TV problems I was having. They told me I would have to have a technician out to see what the problem was because they were not able to fix it on the phone. By this time my anger took over and I told them I would just change TV providers.

   As you see companies are not paying attention to their bills and that is why you need to make sure you are being billed correctly, everything must match up as it should. Otherwise, you are throwing away your money and making companies a little richer. 

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