Friday, October 31, 2014


    Whenever you get your telephone bills do you ever look at your charges. I know I do. When I was with Centurytel, now known as Centurylink, I fought them constantly about my phone bill and it usually was about the sales tax. The sales tax was never right. Sometimes they were way off by 2 or 3 dollars which is down right ridicules. You could see a few cents but not dollars. 

  I would ask them how they figured it because I had a business and I knew exactly how it was done and exactly what our sales tax percentage was. Well, one lady tried to tell me that the State told them what the amount was and what they had to put down. I told her no the State didn't, they give you a chart to follow and show you exactly how much for state, county and city. Although, she kept insisting that the State told them what to do. I just flat told her, the state would not sit on the phone all day telling you what each person was, you don't have the time nor do they.

  I finally got mad and went to Verizon land line box, at least their taxes and government charges were in reason, but they were still off. I paid $19.95 for service at 9.75% for sales tax that should be only $1.95 it isn't it is over $2 and the rest is government charges which is $3. Now here is the catch, on my Tmobile phone I pay $4.04 for sales tax and $4.50 for government charges on a $40 plan. Why am I paying just a $1.50 more on government charges for double the cost of my plan. It doesn't make sense. Oh I also called the State to see if they actually told Centurytel the amount to charge and they told me no.

  I was going to get AT&T cell phone and services but when I got my first bill, I couldn't believe my sales taxes and government charges on a $45 plan. The sales tax was $5.36 and the government charges was almost $7. That was when I decided I would go back to Tmobile even though they were wrong, they were not as wrong as AT&T. 

  I called AT&T and asked them about the sales tax. Why was it so high? She told me it was right. I told her to look it up on the computer and find out what my rate was, she did. I then had her to figure out how much it should be, she did. Then she agreed it was wrong. I told her that I thought that all phone companies estimate their sales tax because so far I have not found one with the right sales tax. I also told her that AT&T was the highest and had the highest government charge. All phones should be consistent. I was not going to stay with them.

 Another thing I found out when I talked to each one of those phone reps they did not know their own state sales tax percentage. I have a feeling that very few people truly know what percentage they are paying in sales tax. Here in Arkansas we are one of the highest in the United States and we are paying close to 10%, we are also one of the lowest paid wages in this country. Why have we voted to let our sales taxes get so out of control.

  It is time for all of you to start looking at your bills and your receipts to see that you are being charged correctly. I fight the grocery store checkout all the time because they never have their sales in the register. I watch the register like a hawk because I know the prices on the sales flyer, if it does not ring up correctly then they are told and then they have to redo it. I guarantee you hardly anyone watches the register the way I do or they would make sure they would get the prices in better.

 To sum everything up, it is so important to make sure you are not being overcharge by your telephone company and if you are, call, get it back or tell them you will break the contract with out having to pay them, since they are not doing right by you. If everyone will begin standing up to some of these companies we might begin to get our economy back in place.

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