Sunday, September 28, 2014



   Do you constantly get calls from salesmen offering you all kinds of packages, like 2 nights, 3  days stay somewhere nice with show tickets or attractions for hardly any money, but there is one catch, you have to take a tour and a 90 minute presentation. They guarantee you it will be no longer than 90 minutes, but don't hold your breath. 

  Now you may even have  troubles with this  company who sold you the package, they may say one thing, but when you get the package, they may say another, which happened to me recently. I ended up fighting with the company and asked for a refund. They refused, I told them I would dispute and if I disputed I would then go to their Attorney General, the BBB, and then to all the complaint websites on the computer. They told me to contact the timeshare company I was staying at, since they were selling for them, I did.

  When I talked to the timeshare company, they said they would change everything. but when I got to the resort I was to stay, everything was still a mix up. Being the person I am, I told them they had better honor the packages I had plus the recorded phone telephone calls or I would go back home and dispute.

  Of course they did not want to dispute, especially not the way I go about doing it. They honored their package and even gave me more. The only thing was the presentation. As you know, I told you the salesman told you the presentation would only take 90 minutes, it took 31/2 hours long. The company tried everything to get us to buy more points The more I said no the longer we had to stay until I finally had to say that the time was done and I wasn't going to buy anymore points that I already had.

  Anyway to sum things up, when you get calls offering you great buys, keep in mind that those buys can turn into complete horror. So learn to say no when is needed and when you say yes ,just make sure that package is the way the salesman has told you and you get everything listed in your package. Timeshares have found very neat ways of conning you to get you to their resort. They can be fun but very expensive. 


Wednesday, September 3, 2014



 I bet you all thought I had quit blogging but that is not the case. We sold our house bought another and are the process of remodeling and moving, very time consuming. I decided to take a break and get back to you with a new problem I am having; although I have three disputes going on right now and I just won one.

  Buying off the computer especially from software sellers can cause problems because most of the times, the software doesn't work. They give you 30 to 60 days of guarantee time that it will work and increase traffic or so on but in one week I find out it doesn't work because I usually can't get it to download properly.

  Anyway when I try to get support, no one seems to want to support me so I just tell them I am going to dispute and always win.

  I always print off their 30 to 60 guarantee and all my emails that I send, that way I have a back up.

  My other disputes usually involve what I have purchased from the phone. You would think I would learn that almost all calls are scammers, but I can easily be conned.

  The dispute I am in right now is for $597, that happened over a year ago. The company was going to rent out my timeshares and if they couldn't they promised to give back the money or continue on to the next year. 

  I called them several times and they told me that I had several ahead of me and that they were trying to rent. When the year was nearly up, I tried calling again, but this time they did not answer just ask to leave a message which they did not answer. I called several times and it continued the same, until I decided, since the year was up it was time to dispute.

 My dispute is going well because they have not replied back to the credit card company and their time is running out when they don't reply you automatically win and don't have to fight back.

  My last phone call I received appears to be a scam, is from a travel club, What is strange I have bought from them before and never had any trouble, but when I got the call, I even told them I had just purchased a package a few months ago and didn't need another. He said that they had a great special on that was 4 nights 5 days with 6 tickets to shows and 2 $30 tickets to restaurants in Branson, Mo. I told him I wasn't interested unless I could use them back to back and spend a week in Branson with my other package, he said I could and I said I would. So off to the reviewer I was sent.

When the reviewer read everything to me, it said that vacation packages could not be used back to back. I ask him about it, because I told him I was told I could. He said with my package I could.

When I received my package I read the whole thing, which is very important that you do, because you want to make sure everything is in there that was told to you. In my package it did not say anything about 4 days 5 nights, so I call them again and ask them why it did not have everything in the package. I was told I only purchased the show and restaurant tickets. I told that wasn't so, because the only really reason I wanted it was to go with the other package I had, so I could stay a week. If it wasn't like that I wanted a refund, She told me no refund, but she would listen to the phone call and see what was said on it. I told her that if she did not give me a refund after listening then I would dispute and I advised not to delete the tapes. She told me she could do whatever they wanted with the tapes, I told her that was fine but I would tell the credit card company exactly what was said between us and she was just hurting herself.

  I am waiting to hear back, if I don't shortly I will call again, If I don't get any where then I will dispute.

  Sometimes these vacations sound great on the phone but there usually is a catch so you want to read over everything carefully and listen to the salesmen. If you need to dispute you will need all your information.