Monday, June 2, 2014


In the mail we get letters saying we are preapproved for a credit card, in the email we get several invitations to sign up for a credit card and lastly, we get phone calls wanting us to apply. The only thing is should we.

The first thing we need to take in consideration is our credit rating. If we are low you can count on not being accepted if the card is a well known card. So if you go ahead and fill out the application, you will probably be turned down and that application will hurt your credit rating if you have had too many looking at your credit score.

If you get called on the phone or apply on email you are setting self for ID theft, because you don't truly know if they are legit so it would be wise to stay away from them. I get at least one offer a week in my email, but I just delete it.

If you want a credit card and your credit score is low go to your bank that offers credit cards, discuss with them that you want to build you credit and need a card. You can suggest that the credit balance be $100 to $200.

Now the next thing is for you to use your card and make sure you pay it off every month, within a year ask for more credit and you can also get credit cards at Lowes or Best Buy. The more credit cards you begin to get the better your credit will become, you must remember never to carry a balance unless it is 0%.

Our Credit Bureau doesn't realize when we are paying 0% or regular interest, so with the Credit Bureau, whenever you carry a balance they add it up against you.

It is wise that you know if you are truly talking to a banker and not a scammer, because a credit card could cause you more problems then you can imagine.

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