Monday, May 5, 2014


Good news, you can save and make money using
credit cards. There are several ways to do it. Most people think that you are better off not having a credit card, but to be truthful I have no idea how many I truly have, because I guess, I have never counted. I know that when it comes time to pay bills, I have the first and the middle of the month written down, which ones I have to pay and I pay with a credit card.

The main thing I look for is specials that are being given when you sign up for a credit card. One card I got was because I could get a free airline flight, I knew I had to make $1000 worth of purchases within 3 months and then I would earn 2 free airline flights in the United States. The purchase was easy I was going to buy a new Smart TV and because it was a 65" it cost me $1600 for everything that I wanted. I used my card and got my airline tickets. I have done this before, and it is a good way to get free flights or very cheap flights. If you don't plan on flying any where for awhile cancel the card if it was a card with an annual fee. You may want to use other cards with better cash backs.

  The next great thing with credit cards is also the way you are able to keep your money in the savings. As you saw above that I had purchased a $1600 TV. Well, I also had received checks from Discover to do as I wanted. So I paid off my Chase card with their check which I received and now I have a special account with Discover that is 0% interest. 

  Discover and Citi Card are just two of the banks that offer 0% interest for balance transfers and purchases and I have both cards. It is nice to be able to keep my money in my savings and be able to have large purchases with small payments every month. I also had a new wood floor laid by Lowes. Using their credit card I was able to have 0% for 18 months, because when you spend over $599 you get a full 18 months of 0% interest. The same thing with Best Buy when I bought my new 17" laptop. I got 18 months 0% interest making my payments about $60. Here again I did not have to take money from my savings nor did I have to pay interest. Kept my payments very low.

Cash back is my next favorite thing every time I see a card being offered with a $100 cash given back after so many dollar purchased I get the card, especially if there is no annual fee. I also try to pick those that have special 5% cash back on purchases they choose quarterly. Chase and Discover Card are the top two in cash backs and have the best cash backs. Discover will even give you $25 gift cards for 2000 points where everyone else gives you one for 2500 points. I will get $400 to $500 in cash backs a year.

All my bills that can be paid by credit card are paid by credit card. I don't have them paid directly by the bank because I want the points. Almost all my shopping is done by credit cards. I also never carry a balance and that truly is the only way to save money because the credit card interest will eat you alive.

 I hope you are following me on how I am saving and making money using my credit card. The most important thing is to not carry over your payments so you have to pay interest. The interest on credit cards are so high that many times they are much higher than the minimum payment.

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