Monday, April 21, 2014



Lately it seems all I am getting are calls from con artist. The only thing I have going for me is it has been happening so often, that I have began realizing what I need to say to them and ask them to find out who they really are.

 Just this morning I got another call from a guy who introduced himself first stating he was with Reward Publishing and that I had made it to the finals. I would be able to win all kinds of great prizes. I told him I really don't remember signing up, but he says that it was online several months ago and I probably don't remember.

He then begins asking me if I have an email address, I answer yes, but he doesn't ask for the address. Then next he states he needs to confirm my name and address that was on the application, I say okay. Here's where the trouble begins, I first tell him he has to give me my name before I will tell him anything else, click, he hangs up.

Well, as you can see he probably was going to ask me a lot more things and he realized that I did not believe a word he was telling me. If you don't hear your name mentioned from the beginning of the conversation you know something must be going on. Then press them for your name if they say they need confirmation, because eventually they are going to ask for your bank account to be able to deposit your winnings or want some money from you for something. It is wise that you just hang up if you don't recognize the company they represent and even if you recognize the company, they still could be a con artist representing themselves off as a member of a well known company.  

So please remember if you are elderly you are going to get hit by a con artist more often than the younger folks, I guess they think when we get old we lose our intelligence. I don't think we do but I do know we sure can get talked into things a lot easier. So it is wise to not answer phone calls that we don't know.  

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