Wednesday, March 19, 2014


I thought I would let you in on my other dispute I have with Chase. It is really a strange one and I was wanting you to know about it to keep you from making the same mistake. As you know there are many computer technicians out there that have businesses to help you keep your computer in good shape and keep viruses off of them. They will call and ask you about your computer and will go through it taking off everything that is not necessary, then put on a malware of some kind. Of course, a technician called and we went through the computer. He charge me $199 for one year follow up and I could call any time I had a problem.

 Well right off the bat, they charged my card $200. I didn't complain over a dollar, but I began checking out the malware that they had put on the computer. It was strange, because it showed it had scanned my computer back in 2012. I couldn't quite figure that out unless I had used them before and stopped using them because I didn't like them. So I called, but guess what, I get this message that says their hours are from 10 to 8 but they were closed even though it was in the middle of the afternoon. The message said to leave a message and they would call back. I waited and then it said the messages were unable to take a message, because their mailbox was full, so I went to the computer to send them an email, but even their emails wouldn't work. So I retyped the email made a copy and then called the credit card company and disputed the charge on my credit card. If I could not get a hold of them by the computer then something really was wrong.

 A week passed and then the company calls and wonders why I disputed I told them about the malware and that I was continuing to have trouble with my computer, also I was not able to reach them by phone not by their email on their website, and they had overcharged me. They told me they would rework the computer take off $25, if I would stay with them. I told them I would stay but the first time I could not reach them I would go back to disputing. I did not remove the dispute immediately.

 They did come back to my computer and fixed the problem they missed but I waited for the $25 and it never showed on my card, so again I called. Again, I got the same message about the work hours, not able to leave a message, and not able to leave them a message on their email at their website. So I continued to dispute. I have pretty much won the dispute because they have never replied and I doubt seriously if they will. I only have a few more days until the dispute is over if they don't reply I win.

 The point to this blog is be very careful when computer technicians call and say they are going to do something, just make sure they stick with it and don't be afraid to dispute if they don't. That is why it is important you pay with you credit card, any other way is a lot harder to get back if you can get it back at all. If you need any help with a merchant that gave you a hard time and don't know what to do don't be afraid to ask, just leave a comment.

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