Monday, March 31, 2014


I want to warn everyone of a new scam that is taking place and it involves identification theft using the IRS. It happened to me the other day and being elderly I am an easy target, so those of  you over 50 please take care.

I received a phone call telling me it was from the IRS and they stated I had committed fraud on my taxes. They wanted to know who my attorney was and his phone number. Well, right off I asked what fraud are you talking about I have never received any paperwork from you. He said I should have. I really thought that was strange because they barely had my taxes for over a month and it had only been 2 weeks since I had received a check.

I continued to ask for them to tell me what the fraud was, he told me that he couldn't but if I would call a number he would give me and ask for Eric Jones they would explain it to me. I did, and the phone was answered by a man named Ben James, which I thought was strange because he had a foreign accent that was hard to understand but a very American name. He asked for same things as the man before and I told him the same things as I did the man before, but he said before he could answer me, he had to read some information first.

So I listened. It stated I would be spending 5 years in prison and paying large fines for the fraud that I committed against my employment and so on and so on. When he was finished I told him that he made a big mistake because I was not employed haven't been for years was on disability, and as far as the taxes go it would be my husband not me. I was just the spouse he was the main person on the tax because he was employed, even very little of my social security was taxed.

He asked me again about being on disability and I said yes for 14 years he just said thank you and hung up. I knew then they were scamming, I already had a good feeling because I have had problems with the IRS before and they always send many documents telling you everything you have done wrong and what you have to do to fix it. In my first case they made a mistake and I also caught a mistake that TurboTax made and I ended up getting back an extra $378 instead of paying.

I decided to research the call and I saw the first number they called me from was exactly the same number they told me to call to, to ask for  Eric Jones. So right there I decided something must have been off, because if they were calling and notifying people then they should have another number or at least an extension to use because I could have just stayed right on that number. They talked to me immediately after I had finished talking with themI found the number was near San Francisco and was a Magic Jack number, here another good inclination of a scammer.

 I called IRS, was put on hold for 2 hours, finally talked to some one but they told me I had to talk to the Treasury Department. I called them, again placed on hold but at least not as long, all they did was take the phone number of the company, told me to call the Federal Trade Commission. I called them, they took the  phone number told me to call my Attorney General and the police.

Now here is where everything begins to change. I called my Attorney General and began telling her the story, she stops me and says, she has heard it a hundred of times. I told her if that is so, please tell me exactly what is it they are after, because I never found that out. She told me I was lucky because they have you verify your social security number and bank account number and steal your ID and all your money.  I asked if anything is being done she said no, because they are out of the country.

What I don't understand is why isn't the government announcing on the news or even the state. I called the news station in Rogers, Arkansas and told them. I don't know if they have done anything about it, but in summary I will say that I am announcing this to all of you , THE GOVERMENT DOES NOT CALL YOU AND THREATEN YOU. They will send many, many letters explaining your problems and then you're going to have to deal with them but they won't threaten you when you know nothing. So if you get any calls, do not give your social security number over the phone and never give your bank account number to no one. It is always wise to have a debit card because it is like a credit card and can be fought like one but a checking account is very hard to get money back into if you do transfers or write checks. Always play it safe. If you have doubts ask me I would be glad to help.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014


I thought I would let you in on my other dispute I have with Chase. It is really a strange one and I was wanting you to know about it to keep you from making the same mistake. As you know there are many computer technicians out there that have businesses to help you keep your computer in good shape and keep viruses off of them. They will call and ask you about your computer and will go through it taking off everything that is not necessary, then put on a malware of some kind. Of course, a technician called and we went through the computer. He charge me $199 for one year follow up and I could call any time I had a problem.

 Well right off the bat, they charged my card $200. I didn't complain over a dollar, but I began checking out the malware that they had put on the computer. It was strange, because it showed it had scanned my computer back in 2012. I couldn't quite figure that out unless I had used them before and stopped using them because I didn't like them. So I called, but guess what, I get this message that says their hours are from 10 to 8 but they were closed even though it was in the middle of the afternoon. The message said to leave a message and they would call back. I waited and then it said the messages were unable to take a message, because their mailbox was full, so I went to the computer to send them an email, but even their emails wouldn't work. So I retyped the email made a copy and then called the credit card company and disputed the charge on my credit card. If I could not get a hold of them by the computer then something really was wrong.

 A week passed and then the company calls and wonders why I disputed I told them about the malware and that I was continuing to have trouble with my computer, also I was not able to reach them by phone not by their email on their website, and they had overcharged me. They told me they would rework the computer take off $25, if I would stay with them. I told them I would stay but the first time I could not reach them I would go back to disputing. I did not remove the dispute immediately.

 They did come back to my computer and fixed the problem they missed but I waited for the $25 and it never showed on my card, so again I called. Again, I got the same message about the work hours, not able to leave a message, and not able to leave them a message on their email at their website. So I continued to dispute. I have pretty much won the dispute because they have never replied and I doubt seriously if they will. I only have a few more days until the dispute is over if they don't reply I win.

 The point to this blog is be very careful when computer technicians call and say they are going to do something, just make sure they stick with it and don't be afraid to dispute if they don't. That is why it is important you pay with you credit card, any other way is a lot harder to get back if you can get it back at all. If you need any help with a merchant that gave you a hard time and don't know what to do don't be afraid to ask, just leave a comment.