Saturday, February 8, 2014


Well I'm finally back, I bet you thought I was never coming back to blog but I have been fighting with my timeshare company. I had sold my timeshare in August and the girl that bought it first told me the lawyer she worked for would help her get the title changed for her. Time passed and nothing seemed to get done so I finally told her I would take care of it. I finally got all the papers done and sent them over to her for her to send to the timeshare company. They had already been through the title company but now needed to be transferred. I told her to mail them as soon as possible but here again no one listens to me.

 She finally got the papers mailed to the resort in December, in January I call because I still hadn't heard whether they had been transferred or not. Guess what, they hadn't been transferred and I was told, until the maintenance fee was paid for the new year they couldn't be transferred.They also told me she would not be getting points to trade in but a fixed week, but if I would pay my membership fee while it was still in my name the points would be in my name and I could do what I wanted with the points for the year 2014. I decided to go ahead and pay all of this and my friend could pay me back, that way she could go any time this year instead of in December which was her fixed week.

This all sounded so simple, but it turned out that no one knew what they were talking about at the Holiday Inn Resorts. After the timeshare had been transferred I couldn't book the points I had paid for and my friend was to have a fixed week. As you know, I became very angry with the company and told them that they could either give me back the $104 I paid for membership for points or the points, or I would dispute. They really didn't like the word dispute. I told them that they couldn't charge me for points that they were not giving me, they knew the timeshare was being transferred to someone else. They told me they would look into it. I told them I would not wait, because that might cause my friend to lose her vacation in September. I also warned them if she did lose her vacation I would go to BBB, their Attorney General, and Ripoff Report when I disputed the charge. So they booked the vacation to make sure she had it.

Anyway the point of all this blog, is if you decide to sell your timeshare it is wise to find out if they are going to change it when you sell it and make a stink about it or find ways you can fix it. Also make sure the transfer gets to the resort long before the maintenance is due or if you don't, that will hold up everything. Another thing you might want to know that it does cost you money to get a title and also to get it transferred. Usually the person who buys it pays for those. If you want more information just ask me. Good Luck!

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