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    I am having to dispute again and actually I have 3 disputes going on one credit card. What makes me nervous, it is a Chase card and as I have told you before they are not the easiest to work with a dispute. I have also told you do not exceed a $1000 because Chase can be very difficult in getting the whole amount back. The one thing I have going for me is I haven't paid these off and the card I use is not a free card, it is one I pay an annual charge, so Chase will work a little harder to keep me from leaving them. I will tell you of the dispute that I am most angriest with and it involves both Chase and the company I charged my credit card.

I was invited to a Property Wars get together. They met at the Holiday Inn and spoke about home and property foreclosures and tax liens. It was an interesting talk and at the end they were selling classes and year support groups, giving out certificates that if you purchased so many in a 30 day time frame you would get all your class money paid back. Of course knowing me, I purchased one. There was a 3 day cancellation time period so I decided to check out every thing thoroughly before the time period was up.

In checking out I saw that it would be very difficult to purchase 6 tax liens in 30 days many of the auctions were not held until April or they had already been auctioned off. All that was left was "over the counter" and these were properties no one wanted and you could pay the taxes directly to the county. After complete search of the property I could see why no one wanted them, you would be taking a big risk in investing in property that no one would want to buy.

Anyway, I called the company and notified them I wanted to cancel and to please send me a code and mailing tag to send back the books. I had to leave a message because no one was there to take my call. Oh, I also warned them that because Sunday was my third day they better not try and tell me I waited too long because I was going to call my credit card company to have them note on my account that I did call them before the 3 days to cancel.

They called me on Monday and I talked to a man in their finance department. We discussed all the reasons I was cancelling and then he offered to take off $1000 from the $1597 I paid and I would still have their website and their 1 year support. I told him for that price I would stay with him, but if he did not refund the $1000 I would cancel and if they tried to go against me I would dispute the full amount. He told me I would get the refund in 5 to 7 business days.

After 7 business days, no refund, so I call. The girl I spoke to told me it was 7 to 10 business days. Ten business days go by still no refund, I call again. This time I get told it is 7 to 14 business days, if I get a refund. This is the time I became very angry and tell the girl that I will give her until Friday which is 15 days, if I haven't received the refund then I will not even call back or mess with her, I will dispute. The credit card company was also notified earlier of the problem with the refund and the possibility of me disputing and this I also informed her, although it really didn't seem to phase her. Oh. I also informed her when I dispute I go to BBB, their Attorney General and to Consumer Complaint.

Now here comes the next problem, remember I told you Chase is a very difficult credit card company to deal with if its over $1000. Well, that is all they wanted to dispute, they said since I went past the 3 days I could only do the $1000 because that was what the company said they would refund back. As I tried to explain to Chase that once they broke their word and I didn't receive my refund it was back to the original contract, I told Chase in the beginning that they may do this to get out of refunding the money from the cancellation, but that is why I kept Chase notified at all times because I wasn't sure I could trust Advanced Financed Training. She wouldn't give, she would only do the $1000.

As soon as I got off the phone I went to my credit card site and put in the other $597 for dispute online, I will probably have to be in for a big fight but I don't plan on paying it and if Chase isn't careful they maybe the ones paying it because it has not been paid for yet. I am on Social Security so if they want to take me to court, fine, which will give me a better way of fighting my case and they can't garnish someone who is on Social Security.

So the point of this blog is you truly can't trust anyone even your own credit card. So make sure you check out everything and if you have doubts the best thing is don't, if you do and have a chance to cancel by a certain time frame do, if you see that it really isn't right, don't wait! If you need help or questions answered go to the top of my website and you will see a place that you can ask questions and ask and I will reply.

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