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Great news, I finally received my refund from the company I had to dispute in my earlier blog. We are now working together without any problems trying to buy tax liens. Here is my next dispute. I managed to get part of my refund but for some reason they are holding back on the other part of it. This is really strange because I put a block on the rest of the monthly payments, they also refunded one payment, but they are disputing one payment which really doesn't make sense, because I told them if they refunded the money I would drop the dispute which means they won't be charged for the dispute. I think some times large companies have no idea what is going on until it is done. They haven't even replied to the dispute yet and it has been over 30 days by 60 days I will automatically win if they don't reply and they will be charged by the credit card company.

Anyway, this dispute involves a timeshare, my number one problem. I belong to RCI which is part of the timeshare group and there are many good things about them. I tell many other timeshare owners to join and I usually encourage them to become platinum members. After this last dealing I am not sure what to think. I know there salesmen are like all timeshare sellers, they don't tell the truth when selling.

A salesman called trying to sell RCI Hotel Savings which really didn't interest me at all, until he said I could get a cruise for a week anywhere, any time on any ship plus they were throwing in 1 week stay at a resort anywhere, anytime. Wow, was I excited, because I had gotten some bad news on my health from MD Anderson in Houston about my brain tumors and I thought it would be great to take my husband to Alaska for a cruise. He has wanted to go to Alaska for a long time to see their gold mining, I really could careless it's too cold for me. The one week trip would be great to tie ends at the beginning or end of the trip with a stay at Lake Tahoe, so I could see my brothers in California since I live in Arkansas. The package was $1799  and I could make monthly payments plus I was to get 5 $200 gift cards that could only be used separately on hotel stays or out of their gift catalog.

Well, right off the bat I only received 4 gift cards, I called them. They told me they would send me one right a way, guess what I still haven't got it and I joined with them in December. I called in December also to book my cruise and the salesman told me I had to wait until after Jan. 5th to book anything. Oh, I didn't tell you that when I talked to the salesman the first time I told him exactly what I was looking for which was an Alaskan cruise on the Royal Caribbean around the end of June and then the week stay at Lake Tahoe either before or after the cruise. When I asked if I would be able to he told me, "sure you can".

I waited until the after the 5th if January and called again by then 2 payments had been made and I still hadn't received my other gift card. When I called I asked about the gift card he said it was coming. Then I told him I wanted to go to Alaska on the Royal Caribbean, he informed me that it would cost more to go on the Royal Caribbean, I reminded him that he told me I could go on any ship he said well there was a few that cost more, not the Carnival or Norwegian. So, I told him I would look up the schedule of the Carnival and see which was the best time.

Again, I called back and told him I would sail on the Carnival, June 20th, again he tells me it would cost more this time because of the time, again I remind him he told me I could go any time, again he says the same thing, I told him he better begin searching to find what I wanted. He told me he would call back on Monday with everything. He calls back but he has nothing. For some reason he has a cruise booked in September I told him that I could not go in September it had to be late June, he also tells me he couldn't get Lake Tahoe but he could get Bakersfield. I asked if he had any idea how far apart those two were, he didn't. By this time I was becoming very angry and told him that I wanted a refund because all he did was lie to me. I could not get anything I wanted. From then on all I got was transferred from one department to another, no one seemed to know anything. I finally was told I had to go back to the first department I was transferred to, when I got there I was just told to leave a message. My message was, give me a refund or I will dispute and if you don't call me back by the end of the day telling me what your going to do I will just dispute, go to BBB then your  Attorney General then to Ripoff. No one called back so I disputed.

It wasn't long that I received a refund for one payment and I had put a block on all other payments. Time passed and I received a call from the financial department wondering why I hadn't dropped the dispute. I told them, if they want me to drop the dispute refund the last payment, but for some reason they think I will keep their money and not drop the dispute I told them that is not true that I have no control over the money. It is the credit card company who will then refund them back the money they took from them. I just can't trust them to refund if I drop the dispute.

Anyway, the point to this blog is you can't always trust what a salesman is telling and if things sound too good maybe you need to make some kinds of stipulations with them before you take it or just let it go. I never can quite understand why we have a habit of trusting everyone, why can't they be honest and then let us decide if we like it well enough as it is. If you have any questions leave your comments maybe I can help you

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