Saturday, February 22, 2014



Great news, I finally received my refund from the company I had to dispute in my earlier blog. We are now working together without any problems trying to buy tax liens. Here is my next dispute. I managed to get part of my refund but for some reason they are holding back on the other part of it. This is really strange because I put a block on the rest of the monthly payments, they also refunded one payment, but they are disputing one payment which really doesn't make sense, because I told them if they refunded the money I would drop the dispute which means they won't be charged for the dispute. I think some times large companies have no idea what is going on until it is done. They haven't even replied to the dispute yet and it has been over 30 days by 60 days I will automatically win if they don't reply and they will be charged by the credit card company.

Anyway, this dispute involves a timeshare, my number one problem. I belong to RCI which is part of the timeshare group and there are many good things about them. I tell many other timeshare owners to join and I usually encourage them to become platinum members. After this last dealing I am not sure what to think. I know there salesmen are like all timeshare sellers, they don't tell the truth when selling.

A salesman called trying to sell RCI Hotel Savings which really didn't interest me at all, until he said I could get a cruise for a week anywhere, any time on any ship plus they were throwing in 1 week stay at a resort anywhere, anytime. Wow, was I excited, because I had gotten some bad news on my health from MD Anderson in Houston about my brain tumors and I thought it would be great to take my husband to Alaska for a cruise. He has wanted to go to Alaska for a long time to see their gold mining, I really could careless it's too cold for me. The one week trip would be great to tie ends at the beginning or end of the trip with a stay at Lake Tahoe, so I could see my brothers in California since I live in Arkansas. The package was $1799  and I could make monthly payments plus I was to get 5 $200 gift cards that could only be used separately on hotel stays or out of their gift catalog.

Well, right off the bat I only received 4 gift cards, I called them. They told me they would send me one right a way, guess what I still haven't got it and I joined with them in December. I called in December also to book my cruise and the salesman told me I had to wait until after Jan. 5th to book anything. Oh, I didn't tell you that when I talked to the salesman the first time I told him exactly what I was looking for which was an Alaskan cruise on the Royal Caribbean around the end of June and then the week stay at Lake Tahoe either before or after the cruise. When I asked if I would be able to he told me, "sure you can".

I waited until the after the 5th if January and called again by then 2 payments had been made and I still hadn't received my other gift card. When I called I asked about the gift card he said it was coming. Then I told him I wanted to go to Alaska on the Royal Caribbean, he informed me that it would cost more to go on the Royal Caribbean, I reminded him that he told me I could go on any ship he said well there was a few that cost more, not the Carnival or Norwegian. So, I told him I would look up the schedule of the Carnival and see which was the best time.

Again, I called back and told him I would sail on the Carnival, June 20th, again he tells me it would cost more this time because of the time, again I remind him he told me I could go any time, again he says the same thing, I told him he better begin searching to find what I wanted. He told me he would call back on Monday with everything. He calls back but he has nothing. For some reason he has a cruise booked in September I told him that I could not go in September it had to be late June, he also tells me he couldn't get Lake Tahoe but he could get Bakersfield. I asked if he had any idea how far apart those two were, he didn't. By this time I was becoming very angry and told him that I wanted a refund because all he did was lie to me. I could not get anything I wanted. From then on all I got was transferred from one department to another, no one seemed to know anything. I finally was told I had to go back to the first department I was transferred to, when I got there I was just told to leave a message. My message was, give me a refund or I will dispute and if you don't call me back by the end of the day telling me what your going to do I will just dispute, go to BBB then your  Attorney General then to Ripoff. No one called back so I disputed.

It wasn't long that I received a refund for one payment and I had put a block on all other payments. Time passed and I received a call from the financial department wondering why I hadn't dropped the dispute. I told them, if they want me to drop the dispute refund the last payment, but for some reason they think I will keep their money and not drop the dispute I told them that is not true that I have no control over the money. It is the credit card company who will then refund them back the money they took from them. I just can't trust them to refund if I drop the dispute.

Anyway, the point to this blog is you can't always trust what a salesman is telling and if things sound too good maybe you need to make some kinds of stipulations with them before you take it or just let it go. I never can quite understand why we have a habit of trusting everyone, why can't they be honest and then let us decide if we like it well enough as it is. If you have any questions leave your comments maybe I can help you

Wednesday, February 12, 2014



    I am having to dispute again and actually I have 3 disputes going on one credit card. What makes me nervous, it is a Chase card and as I have told you before they are not the easiest to work with a dispute. I have also told you do not exceed a $1000 because Chase can be very difficult in getting the whole amount back. The one thing I have going for me is I haven't paid these off and the card I use is not a free card, it is one I pay an annual charge, so Chase will work a little harder to keep me from leaving them. I will tell you of the dispute that I am most angriest with and it involves both Chase and the company I charged my credit card.

I was invited to a Property Wars get together. They met at the Holiday Inn and spoke about home and property foreclosures and tax liens. It was an interesting talk and at the end they were selling classes and year support groups, giving out certificates that if you purchased so many in a 30 day time frame you would get all your class money paid back. Of course knowing me, I purchased one. There was a 3 day cancellation time period so I decided to check out every thing thoroughly before the time period was up.

In checking out I saw that it would be very difficult to purchase 6 tax liens in 30 days many of the auctions were not held until April or they had already been auctioned off. All that was left was "over the counter" and these were properties no one wanted and you could pay the taxes directly to the county. After complete search of the property I could see why no one wanted them, you would be taking a big risk in investing in property that no one would want to buy.

Anyway, I called the company and notified them I wanted to cancel and to please send me a code and mailing tag to send back the books. I had to leave a message because no one was there to take my call. Oh, I also warned them that because Sunday was my third day they better not try and tell me I waited too long because I was going to call my credit card company to have them note on my account that I did call them before the 3 days to cancel.

They called me on Monday and I talked to a man in their finance department. We discussed all the reasons I was cancelling and then he offered to take off $1000 from the $1597 I paid and I would still have their website and their 1 year support. I told him for that price I would stay with him, but if he did not refund the $1000 I would cancel and if they tried to go against me I would dispute the full amount. He told me I would get the refund in 5 to 7 business days.

After 7 business days, no refund, so I call. The girl I spoke to told me it was 7 to 10 business days. Ten business days go by still no refund, I call again. This time I get told it is 7 to 14 business days, if I get a refund. This is the time I became very angry and tell the girl that I will give her until Friday which is 15 days, if I haven't received the refund then I will not even call back or mess with her, I will dispute. The credit card company was also notified earlier of the problem with the refund and the possibility of me disputing and this I also informed her, although it really didn't seem to phase her. Oh. I also informed her when I dispute I go to BBB, their Attorney General and to Consumer Complaint.

Now here comes the next problem, remember I told you Chase is a very difficult credit card company to deal with if its over $1000. Well, that is all they wanted to dispute, they said since I went past the 3 days I could only do the $1000 because that was what the company said they would refund back. As I tried to explain to Chase that once they broke their word and I didn't receive my refund it was back to the original contract, I told Chase in the beginning that they may do this to get out of refunding the money from the cancellation, but that is why I kept Chase notified at all times because I wasn't sure I could trust Advanced Financed Training. She wouldn't give, she would only do the $1000.

As soon as I got off the phone I went to my credit card site and put in the other $597 for dispute online, I will probably have to be in for a big fight but I don't plan on paying it and if Chase isn't careful they maybe the ones paying it because it has not been paid for yet. I am on Social Security so if they want to take me to court, fine, which will give me a better way of fighting my case and they can't garnish someone who is on Social Security.

So the point of this blog is you truly can't trust anyone even your own credit card. So make sure you check out everything and if you have doubts the best thing is don't, if you do and have a chance to cancel by a certain time frame do, if you see that it really isn't right, don't wait! If you need help or questions answered go to the top of my website and you will see a place that you can ask questions and ask and I will reply.

Saturday, February 8, 2014


Well I'm finally back, I bet you thought I was never coming back to blog but I have been fighting with my timeshare company. I had sold my timeshare in August and the girl that bought it first told me the lawyer she worked for would help her get the title changed for her. Time passed and nothing seemed to get done so I finally told her I would take care of it. I finally got all the papers done and sent them over to her for her to send to the timeshare company. They had already been through the title company but now needed to be transferred. I told her to mail them as soon as possible but here again no one listens to me.

 She finally got the papers mailed to the resort in December, in January I call because I still hadn't heard whether they had been transferred or not. Guess what, they hadn't been transferred and I was told, until the maintenance fee was paid for the new year they couldn't be transferred.They also told me she would not be getting points to trade in but a fixed week, but if I would pay my membership fee while it was still in my name the points would be in my name and I could do what I wanted with the points for the year 2014. I decided to go ahead and pay all of this and my friend could pay me back, that way she could go any time this year instead of in December which was her fixed week.

This all sounded so simple, but it turned out that no one knew what they were talking about at the Holiday Inn Resorts. After the timeshare had been transferred I couldn't book the points I had paid for and my friend was to have a fixed week. As you know, I became very angry with the company and told them that they could either give me back the $104 I paid for membership for points or the points, or I would dispute. They really didn't like the word dispute. I told them that they couldn't charge me for points that they were not giving me, they knew the timeshare was being transferred to someone else. They told me they would look into it. I told them I would not wait, because that might cause my friend to lose her vacation in September. I also warned them if she did lose her vacation I would go to BBB, their Attorney General, and Ripoff Report when I disputed the charge. So they booked the vacation to make sure she had it.

Anyway the point of all this blog, is if you decide to sell your timeshare it is wise to find out if they are going to change it when you sell it and make a stink about it or find ways you can fix it. Also make sure the transfer gets to the resort long before the maintenance is due or if you don't, that will hold up everything. Another thing you might want to know that it does cost you money to get a title and also to get it transferred. Usually the person who buys it pays for those. If you want more information just ask me. Good Luck!