Wednesday, October 9, 2013



The other day I heard a story of a lady who had purchased an older home. It needed to have some remodeling done before she could move in, so she found a contractor, who gave her a bid and told her he had to be paid upfront. His bid was one of the lower bids and he guaranteed his work.

She went to the bank and took out a loan in order to pay him. The money was given to the contractor and he told her that he would be back in a few days with all the supplies necessary to do the job. A few days passed and the contractor did not show up. She tried calling him, but was unable to get him. Several more days past and he still did not show up. She continued to call but never could get an answer, then one day the phone just told her the number was no longer a working number. She became very upset and did not know what to do. She went to the police department, but they could never find him. She was now out of a lot of money, did not have a place to live and didn't know what to do.

The point of this story is never pay a contractor upfront. I also learned the hard way. I hired a man to do a roof on my garage, he was almost done and wondered if he could get paid before he finished because he needed the money. Of course, due to my kindness, I said yes. He told me he would be back tomorrow. I never saw him again and I never was able to get a hold of him. Therefore, my husband had to finish the roof.

If the contractor says he needs the money upfront because he does not have the money for the supplies. Tell him that you will go with him to help him pick out the supplies, you can be nice or you can be blunt and just tell him you don't trust anyone with your money. If he wants the job he will complete it before getting paid and that you will pick up the supplies or go with him to pick up the supplies. If he has been building for awhile he should be able to get the supplies delivered to your home and you can pay once they are delivered.

Another thing that is important is to keep an eye on your contractor, to make sure he is doing the job right. It would be a good idea if you would get a book on any of the type of construction you are having done to make sure he is using large enough wood for headers and try and have some idea of how your plumbing and electric goes. Many times people have gotten jobs that have been poorly done because they knew nothing of what was needed so the contractor tried to get by with as little as possible giving them a very poor job.

So please learn a little about construction and do not pay for any job before it is done, if you do, more than likely you will lose your money. You might be making you a good deal but in the long run it could be a very costly one.