Thursday, September 26, 2013



Have you ever wondered when you did a dispute if you were going to stand a chance in winning? Was your credit card really going to back you or the merchant who is putting all that money into the banks pockets? I know I have had my doubts and many times me and the credit card companies have gotten into great big fights and I have usually won. Although I have been in fight with Chase now going on 2 years over a company that was such scammers they were even taken down by the Arizona Attorney General and I still can't get Chase to give me back the money I deserve.

They have tried to say everything under the sun, why I should be denied but I have come back with even more proof that they were wrong and now they are saying it is because they can not get the money from the company. What really gets me is I have gone to the federal government twice and all that got me was a $1000 from Chase which they said was a good will donation. I just told them it was a bribe. I went to my own Attorney General and they have tried 2 times to get them to give back the money because they even agree with me that Chase is in the wrong.

 Chase wouldn't even talk to my consultant and now they have come up with a new deal where they are only going to give back a $1000 if they can not settle with the merchant starting Nov. 13th of this year, so I would advise not to spend anymore than a $1000 on a Chase credit card because if you have problems with a merchant I guarantee, you may not get back all your money.

I still have a chance because what I spent was before that date and I am taking them to court. I am going through a company who has a website, which is vecva.org. There I will have a lawyer pro bono which I am working with him getting my case together showing that Chase did not do what they should have done, when I disputed right at first. There is another man who I helped him get is money back with Discover, has now gone with them, because he is having the same trouble with Bank of America. I think we have the same lawyer which will help our case.

Most of the time, I have been able to dispute with credit cards and have not had too much trouble in winning but Chase takes the cake. I have a check I was unable to cash from the company, lost my website and the company was closed by the Arizona Attorney General and they still try to say it is valid. Can you believe that! All I have to say is every one needs to be very careful with how they use their credit card especially if it is with Chase. If you have any inkling that the company you are with is a scammer, dispute, don't wait, the longer you wait the harder it is to get your money back.

 Like I have said before, save all your info and read your contract very carefully before you sign it, because I guarantee you don't want to have to dispute or end up in court like me, some credit cards are not honest and if they have to use their own money they will lie and do whatever they have to, to keep from paying back your money.

Monday, September 9, 2013


Any more it is really getting hard telling who is scamming and who really is selling something of worth. The other day I was reading an article on the computer called wanting to give information for Newsmax, The Franklin Property, and information for grants. They were only charging $1.97. I thought this was a great buy, so of course I got it, because I have been trying to get a grant to buy a building to put in a Senior Citizen meal site and a group home for disabled and low income, who were waiting for low income housing to come available.

When I started looking at the grants I was really having a hard time finding any available for what I needed. Then there was one called govengine.com that wanted you to apply but also pay $29.95 which I did. Guess what, it really didn't get me anywhere. All I ended up getting was several calls from people who could barely speak English, telling me that if I wanted to get a grant all I needed to do was use my credit card for $3.89. I just told them good bye.

 Next I get a call from a girl who says she is my consultant in getting a grant and she would help me if I would set up an appointment with her. I did, and here again all I got was someone wanting to know all about me , if I worked, how much income I had, how many credit cards I had and how much were charge on them. She then began to tell me for a various amount of money I could get someone who would work with me from the start getting my grant. She said there was up to 20 pages to fill out for a grant and they had agents who would help me do it. I told her I really thought I could do it if she would tell me which ones to sign up for since she had told me she was my consultant. She said that was not her job, I told her that I would continue to look for my own grants. 

As you can see spending that $1.97 didn't get me anywhere but so many people calling trying to get more money from me. I have found that even on my computer I get at least 3 messages a day saying I have won an email lottery. Most of the  time I ignore them but once in a while I send a message back asking how much is it going to cost me if I send you all the information, but I never get a reply.

The computer is the biggest scamming place there is and in my email I have so many messages saying that I have a commission check waiting or a free gift and if you ever go to the email you see  it is someone trying to sell you some software. What I can't understand is if they lie to you to look at the message, why do they think we would ever buy from them.

There are so many scammers out there that everyone really needs to be on their toes and if you read this blog it would be nice if you would comment if you have been scammed or know of a company that scams. We would all appreciate every ones effort in keeping us out of trouble.