Sunday, August 18, 2013



   I became very angry, again, with my timeshare. My daughter wanted to book 2 one bedroom units for her to stay in Mazatlan during New Years. I was told all they had available was all inclusive which would be $200 per person. She was booking this through RCI so she would have had to also pay approximately $150 for each unit. This would come up to $2700, because  they were staying 3 nights. Now here is the catch, after I told her the price, she said she was just going to look at prices of hotels. The first place she goes is the resort we were pricing with RCI. They were charging $234 for room and all inclusive per person, the total would be $2800 only a difference of $100. Her renting with the resort was less considering all the money that was spent on maintenance over the year and the purchase of the timeshare.

Why is it that after paying $84 a month maintenance fee we have to pay more to get a room than a person who is not a member for the all inclusive because the rental of a 1 bedroom with kitchen shouldn't be just $34 ? What I pay in maintenance would almost pay for my vacation. I get a timeshare and it ends up costing me more to go on the vacation. Can you imagine why anybody would want to have a timeshare?

Some way we need to complain, I know I am going to call and see if I can speak to the supervisor or someone higher up than customer service at my timeshare, who by the way owns RCI. We need to get something changed, if it is cheaper to rent a unit at their resort then use our points, then there is a big problem and it is not right for us to give all our money to them and get nothing to show for it. I purchased this timeshare back in 2000 for $18,000 and have paid almost a $1000 in maintenance fees a year and also taxes. Does that really sound like a deal when you see I can rent the unit cheaper from the resort than from my own club? I think it is time for timeshare owners to get together and strike.

Those of you who get called to go to a resort to take the 90 minute tour bring up what I stated in this blog and see what they reply. I can imagine it will be a lot of bull, because that is a salesman for you, but keep your head and wisely do the right thing. If you really want that timeshare make them drop the price on both maintenance and cost of the timeshare. It is the only way you will benefit from it, if you benefit at all.

Friday, August 16, 2013


As you already know from reading my blogs, that you can easily be scammed and you can not get your refund back without doing a lot of conning and threatening and even then that doesn't always work. So today I am going to tell you about a few cases I have ran into recently that might just open your eyes on what not to do and what might help prevent you from making a few mistakes.

I gave you a name of a website to go to if you need help with a dispute. It is a non profit organization and it handles more than just disputes but any case that you need help with and can't afford to get help with, even women abused. They cater mostly with seniors, but they will take anyone. The reason I am mentioning vecva.org is because they have come to me and wanted me to become district manager for my State. They have offices in several States and their goal is to set up offices in every State. Actually their business name is Community Economic Council in Orlando.

The thing was the owner was trying to persuade me to start up a business and he wanted to show me just how desperate and how many calls I could get in a short time. So in a 15 minute period I got so many calls I couldn't answer them all. So, many went to my answering machine. The thing was, I felt like I needed to help each one that I just couldn't just take their name and phone number, and guess what, I listened to their stories.

There was one man 90 years old, who told me a company had called and told him he could have a business without a computer and by investing $3000 he could make a lot of money. I asked him if he made any money he said no. I asked if he tried calling the company to find out why and how long ago did he invest. He told me he invested over a year ago and he tried calling the company many times but they never answered nor returned his calls. I asked why he waited so long to dispute. He said it was the first time anyone had called him to do it. I told him that when he could not get anyone to answer the phone that was when he should have gone to the credit card company. I asked him if he had any of his statements or contracts he told me no. I told him that it would be impossible to dispute unless he had something, he didn't even know the date of when he signed up with them. I told him he needed to go to his credit card company and get the statement. He didn't think they would send it, I told him they had to. I told him to try and remember the month and ask for statements 6 months before, and 6 months after. He was so excited about even being able to get some proof he was ready to sign up.

One man I talked to had invested with 3 companies for website businesses which were all scammers. He let the salesman con him into putting money on credit cards that he couldn't afford by telling him he would make a lot of money. His father had passed away and he worked for him and when is father died the business closed and he was out of a job. He worked really hard putting a  lot of blogging on his websites, some things were from a book that his father had written. One day  his website disappears and it never made any money as promised from the company. He tried calling but no answer, everything just kept getting worse until he had to file bankruptcy.

When this man told me he filed bankruptcy, I thought we could not help him at all, but I asked him if he had made any payments on the card toward the company and he said yes, I asked if he had proof of any payments, still had the contract and credit card statement. He answered yes to all. I told him there was a chance for him to dispute, he probably would not get any money but the credit card company would get back the money they lost in the bankruptcy and the money he paid would probably be a credit on his bankruptcy.

He also mentioned to me about his father's death, that Mayo clinic thought there had been a med error which gave him a heart attack. I told him if he would get all the meds that were given and doses during his dialysis I could find out if there truly was a med error and if there was one he could then have a court case which the Community Economic Council could help him with, especially since they have lawyers that do pro bono work.

To sum everything up even though both these cases have slim chances of getting their money back , but they still have a chance if they try. You can do it on your own or you can get help for very little money. Do not put up a large amount of up front money, you will lose it and won't get anywhere. Another thing don't put off doing something about it. The longer you wait, the better the chance you will have of not winning. Take it from someone who knows. I have found the ones that I have had more time on are the ones that are harder to fight. SO DON'T GIVE UP!

Thursday, August 1, 2013


I thought I would tell you of my latest ordeal. I really thought it sounded like such a good deal, a website for $19.95. The lady on the phone said there was no other charges and that was all I needed, but I told her I know there is a catch in this, no website is ever this cheap. She just told me that was all it was and I could have whatever I wanted for a name and enjoy it making money. She also told me someone would call the next day and I could tell him what I would want to have on the website for their business.

Well, the man called alright, but he didn't ask me anything about the website. He said he was in marketing and that was where I stopped him. I asked him if he was going to try and sell me marketing for the website which I had been told I wouldn't need anything else for it. He asked me if I had seen TV commercials at night, advertising credit repair or mortgage fix. I told him no. He said that was what he felt would make me a lot of money for my website. I asked how much. He said one package was $5000 and that just fell on deaf ears, he went on to say that another package was $3000 for a year. I then said do you have a package for 6 months just to try it out. For $1500, he told me, I could have it. I told him I would try it, but he better be very careful because if there is a screw up I will dispute, oh and by the way, I also asked if he was from Phoenix. He said no, didn't you see the area code an the phone it was 702 which is Las Vegas. He also told me someone would call very shortly.

A lady calls and explains about a contract and tells me she will fax it to me in 15 minutes. An hour past and I still haven't gotten it, so I call the credit card company to see if the charge made it .Yes, it's pending another hour goes by, it finally shows up, but the contract looks like it was written by a child and my credit card number and the code is across several pages not just the last 4 numbers like most contracts show. I was not happy at all, I call the phone number on the contract which states it is Delaware, no answer, I leave a message.

 The next day comes around by mid afternoon I still don't hear from Delaware so I call the number the lady gave me. She answers and we argue over the contract. I tell her either it changes or I want a refund, she tells me I can't get a refund. I tell her she better read her own contract because it states I can cancel in the first 3 days if she wants to fight me I can dispute. She told me I wouldn't win, I told her she needs to think carefully since I haven't even signed the contract and I can cancel within the 3 days. We continued to argue until she realized that I was not going to change my mind.

 Too many things did not add up with this company, for one thing I found out the man who called who said he was in Las Vegas was there in the office with the lady who had an Arizona number, I had tried his number when trying to call them earlier and it said to leave a message to mailbox with a number after it. I also found out it wasn't truly TV commercials but online TV commercials. All these things made this company look like a scammer, whenever you can't get anyone to get you to call back, there is a #1 reason to stay away. I ended up getting my refund and I am going to keep the website that I got for $19.95, I can advertise for free. We will see how it does. I told them, if anything comes from it I might consider one of there marketing plans but I will find out my way first.