Monday, July 15, 2013


   This may seem like I am getting off from my main subject, but once before I mentioned I had timeshares. You get called for mini vacation packages and they sound like great deals, but there is a catch to them, they always want you to go on a 90 minute promotion selling a timeshare to you.    
   The reason I decided to blog on this is because I have a timeshare with one of the most worldwide known companies, I am not going to mention the name of the company, because what I am going to say could get me in a lawsuit.  I have been with this company for 13 years and have been in constant battle. I have 4 timeshares and this company is the only one that has so many nick picking charges that I would like to find someway to let the whole world know to stay away from them. They are one of the most expensive timeshares. We paid $18,000 and today it is approximately $28,000 for the same thing and it is the smallest package you can buy or at least one of smallest, I think the smallest is every other year and we are every year. They are the only one of my timeshares that I had to pay taxes on, now they have it put in the maintenance like my others. They are the only one that has housekeeping points, my others do not charge anything for housekeeping. I even tried to ask them why are they charging us for housekeeping when a hotel doesn't. They have no answer. 
   What made me so angry with them to write this blog, was when I booked a 3 night vacation they charged a $99 guest fee and a $30 travel transaction fee because this was my 3rd travel transaction with them. I was so surprised , my other timeshares it is only $50 for guest pass fees and nothing for travel transactions. I was mad enough to go ahead and transfer all the rest of my points to RCI and not use the rest until next year. What is really strange is RCI only has a $59 guest pass fee and guess what, they are owned by the same company, doesn't make sense does it? 

   Actually, buying a timeshare really doesn't make sense either. You pay an enormous amount for the timeshare, then your maintenance and membership fees would easily pay for a condo and guess what, usually at the condo where you bought the timeshares, they are beginning to rent them out cheaper than what you pay in maintenance. So why waste your money to buy a timeshare, they will take your money every chance they have. I couldn't believe it when I was transferring my points, I was told I only had 39 housekeeping points left and I needed 42 to transfer so they made me buy 3 points for $6.75 which I told them was insane because RCI charges housekeeping when booking a resort.  Why did I need to transfer my housekeeping points, again no answer. 

   So my advice about timeshares is don't buy one, you are being scammed and those, unfortunately, we can't get out of, unless we start writing to the government for them to check how timeshares are ran and why are we stuck with them.

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