Saturday, July 6, 2013


   Most scamming is done over the phone, but trust me you might get invited to a presentation to see something that is being sold and you can get scammed there too. I know I was for over $7000, but they made some mistakes, because when they wrote the contract I had them put everything that was promised to me in the contract. When they did not keep the promise and I couldn't reach them I disputed and won. Never sign a contract that doesn't have everything they say they are going to give you put in to it, they may not like it, but tell them it is this way or no way. Trust me this is your letter of protection. Usually, a telemarketer will call you to sell you a website in home job, that seems to be the biggest in scamming today. They sell you a website that is very cheap or a blogging site you could have gotten for free. They put on affiliate marketing which is another free item you can do, and then they tell you they are done. Only shortly you get another call and it is from a marketing specialist who tells you that if you invest $10,000 to $20,000 or more they could make you a lot of money. Here again it never happens and you are out of all your money, also it is hard to dispute. The smartest thing is don't do it in the first place. Marketing can be done by you, it still cost money but you don't need to put out that much to see if your website is going to be a popular one or not. You can always start out with free marketing and workup. Get on the computer and find out how or ask around. Another big scammer is the computer itself. Once you get a website and start doing business, it is unbelievable how many emails you get about how to get free websites and software to make your website better, but trust me, few are what they say they are, luckily you can get refunds on these and don't have to dispute. One clue to whether you have a scammer is, after you joined with them, whether you can get them to talk to you, answer you messages or emails. If you can't, it is time for you to start saving all your info for a dispute. I will get into this next time.

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