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Okay, are you ready for your boxing match, because disputing can be a challenge. You can't give up and let them take your money. I have seen it so many times. If you go to ripoff.com or consumerscomplaint.com you see where so many people have been ripped off and what do they say "They took my money and I can't get it back." I never hear anybody stating they disputed and lost or claimed fraud, well I did once and she had her email address and was having trouble with a dispute with Chase. I got a hold of her and helped her get her money back.

So please be ready to fight, and the first fight is to go straight to the merchant. Give him your complaints, make sure you have them all in order and make sure you have read that contract to see if you can complain about what you want to complain about. If the contract says no refunds then make sure you can find a complaint, that he did, that shows he has broke his contract. If you have allowed him to get by with not giving you a contract you are going by word of mouth and guess what, his is just as good as yours. So make sure he puts everything in the contract that you want otherwise you may have a hard time disputing.

I tell the merchant if he doesn't refund the money I will dispute and I am sure he knows that it will cost him. Not only will the credit card charge him for the dispute but it will hurt is reputation and so will I. When I say that I will hurt is reputation, I let him know I will go to the BBB, then to the attorney general, and then to ripoff.com and consumerscomplaint.com. There are a few other  website spots you can go to and put companies on that people report about scammers. If you were wise you would check those out before making any decisions.

Sometimes these threats work and then again they don't and if you don't get your refund it is time to go to the credit card and start your dispute. First, you must decide if it is a fraud or a dispute, that you are going to do. When you sign a contract, very rarely can you claim fraud, unless you never get the product or possibly you receive a check that can't be cashed. I normally don't cash the check without calling the bank where the check is written to make sure the check can clear. Having this check gives you a little more evidence this company was fraudulent and once you cashed it and it is gone it is harder to prove anything, although you will receive a letter from the bank saying that it couldn't be cash but they don't give check copies.

You will get papers to fill out from some credit cards but always mail or fax to them all the info you have against the company. You will need your contract and your credit card statement. As I told you before, save all info like emails and write down dates and times you talked to the company. The more you tried talking with the company is better for you, because it makes them look like they did not want to work with you.

Okay, here goes your next boxing match, it is with the credit card company itself. You can't believe how many times I have got into a fight with the credit card company. In fact I am ready to take one to court here shortly. I guarantee they do not always know what they are doing, and sometimes it may be wise that you have someone you can talk to that does, like me, for instance. One time I had a letter of guarantee from a company(it was a drop shipping company), that if I didn't sell $12,000 in 6 months they would return all the money I had invested in my website. Well, 6 months came around and not a cent was made and not only that I found that site to be a scam. They had so many errors on it, it was unbelievable. I tried to get a refund they said no, I said I'd dispute. They felt confident they would win. Three times I was denied and then I became very angry especially when I was told I could not dispute again. I finally asked them why they were denying it and they told me it was because I couldn't prove that I didn't make anything. Angrily, I told them that I did not write the letter of guarantee, they did. It is not for me to prove anything but for them to prove that I had made over $12,000. The man answered slowly " You have a point/" I told him if they would have done the job right the first time I wouldn't be yelling at him right now, so I won't nag anymore if you would just ask them to prove that I made that much money and I guarantee they will not reply and just give the money back, which they did.

So you see you must stay on your toes and be ready to give the right punches or you may not win. Don't back down because you are denied, find out exactly why they are denying you until you a satisfied. There are still places to go if the credit card doesn't see it your way.

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