Tuesday, July 9, 2013


   I know I have repeated myself several times through my blogs about what to watch for in scammers, but trust me, for as many times as I have been scammed nobody probably would have told me enough times what to look for. They all sound so sincere and truthful and maybe it's the feeling that you just might have found the right company to make money and grow your business that you go with them. Unfortunately, everything begins to go wrong. Months pass no money comes in, nothing shows up on the back office on your computer. You try to call the company, no one answers, they just ask you to leave a message and you do, but guess what, it never is returned. You email them and ask for answers, but they never answer (keep the email like I said before). 
   Okay, now it's time to go into action, like I said before, you scan the contract to see if you can find any where they have broke it. Do they say in the contract that they will answer all phone calls or keep in touch with you to let you know how things are going? If you can find something like that, you will have proof they broke their contract. If anything, you might be able to get them for mismanagement, due to the fact they are not keeping up with their business clients nor are they keeping up with the back office. 
   You must find whatever you can to give your credit card reason for dispute. I usually call the company and warn them, if they don't call  me back I am going to dispute. I also send an email and tell them I am disputing and save the email. I also tell them that when I dispute I go to the BBB, their Attorney General, ripoff.com and consumercomplaint.com. Sometimes this works and sometimes it doesn't. If it does, I ask for a refund, if they say no I say, I dispute and I will do everything I said I would do. 
   Most of the time I have to dispute.    
   The first thing you do is call your credit card company and here is your first problem, they will say it is over 60 or 90 days depending on which card you used. You need to be firm and tell them that you have 18 months to dispute if a merchant has not done as promised and has broke his contract. I guarantee they will fight with you but  ask to talk with the dispute department and things should become a little easier then. Tell them everything and try very hard to show how they broke the contract, if they say yes then they will send papers for you to fill out. They will want a copy of your contract. Underline the areas you feel they have broken. They will want a copy of your statement and send a copy of all the emails you had between the company. In fact, the more info you send the better. Now here is something you need to think about. If you have told the company you were going to dispute and all of a sudden you receive a check especially a small  check, do not cash it . Make them give you proof that it is a true commission check and ask who purchase whatever for you to receive commission. Sometimes this check is considered a service and your credit card will  deny your dispute, that is why it is best for the company to give you a little money to keep from giving you a larger amount later. Well I am going to end this now and continue with more the next time.

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