Thursday, June 27, 2013



   We all have the problem deciding whether we should invest with a company or not. I can tell you, I have been through so many that it has made me an expert in disputing. I have found out that even credit card companies don't know how to go about disputing and you better be on your toes when you dispute. 
   The first time I  began having trouble with companies was several years ago and it was with Timeshare marketers who became very thick in Florida. They would call you to try and sell your timeshare for you, because after having one for several years your maintenance cost would climb considerably and of course, you would want to get rid of it. Just like all salesmen, they would tell you anything to get your money and a good chunk of it too. That is when I began to realize how they can lie and scam. That is also where I found out just how dumb the credit card company can be. They lose your papers, they also lie, and they try not to give you back your money if the company has been taken down and they have no surplus money. Justice prevails, if you are willing to keep fighting, you still can win. 
   Heck, I am in one dispute right now with Chase that I have been fighting for 1 1/2years, even they have agreed with me that the company is a scammer gave me $1000 of their own money but refuse to give the rest because they can't get it from the company who has been closed down by the Arizona Attorney General. 
   So you see disputing may not always be easy and you must not give up. If you do not have all the info on what to do once you have been denied, then go to www.cfpb.gov this is just one place you can go. I won with them on a charge that was 3 1/2 years old. Although you don't always win with them, I lost with Chase. They said it was too complicated for them. I am now with a company called VECVA or www.vecva.org they have filed a lawsuit against the company and have now turned it in to Chase with the police report I filed because I was unable to cash the check that was sent to me by the company. I always ask the company for a refund first, if I find they are not doing as they say they are going to do. 
   As I said before, when you do your dispute do not use the fact you are not getting any money because if you signed the contract that said they can't guarantee whether you make money or not and their is no refund you can not use that for a reason. Find some way that they are mismanaging their business. Many times they don't answer phone calls or messages, or they won't answer emails be sure you save all emails sent and all paperwork that you do with the company, you might need it.  When I ask for a refund and am denied I tell them I will dispute, the dispute will cost them, hurt their reputation, I will write to the Better Business Bureau and then notify their Attorney General. I will also go to Rip Off.com and to Consumer Complaint.com. Sometimes that scares them enough into giving a refund but if you have a lot invested with them it usually doesn't work and then you have to do a dispute. Well I am going to end this now and go in some detail in my next blog, If any of you have any questions be sure and comment and give your email and maybe I can answer them.

Friday, June 21, 2013


Okay, now here is the next problem that needs to be mastered. Many companies will give you contracts to sign and some can be pages and pages long. Others can be one page and very short and to the point and trust me they may all say the same thing no refund. You want to make sure you read the contract, because even though the salesman tells you that you will make tremendous amount of money and immediately,, the contract will state differently. Most contracts especially the ones from Phoenix, Arizona will state that they can't guarantee that you will make money and will then go on to state that there will be no refund. They also go on to say that if you decide to press any charges then you will have to do it in Maricopa County. Now this is what scares most people and keeps them from disputing. Trust me, if it says no refund, even if it says in a time period, you can dispute. You just have to prove that they broke their contract. Please, don't use the fact that they didn't make you any money because if you read the contract you would have seen that it said that they could not guarantee if they could make you any money. Now you can refuse to sign the contract and sometimes they will change it to suit you, just depending on the company and how bad they want your business. The bigger the contract the better because the better the chance you can find a way that they broke their contract and then it is null and void. I will get to this later and show how you can find ways to show they broke their contract. Showing the credit card company that the contract was broken is one of the sure ways to win a dispute. Read the contract, decide if it makes sense to you and if there is enough ways they could screw up in order for you to show they broke the contract, remember a small contract that doesn't state much is harder to break, then sign..


   The very first thing to be considered when making any large "doubtful" purchase is never use your checking account. If the purchase turns out to be a scam and you used your checking account then your chance of getting your money back is very slim.

 Using your debit or credit card gives you the chance to get a refund or to dispute the charge. I have known several who have given their checking account numbers to a company, not only did they lose their initial investment but  much more and they were unable to get it back. If the company tells you they take checks only, you can just guess that they are not legit. Just think about it, how many large companies would not have credit card processing and just take checks very few, I don't even know hardly any companies that take checks at least not online or over the telephone.

You can hardly write a check anywhere anymore. Take it from somebody who made the mistake.  SO DON'T GIVE A CHECK.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013



   Some telemarketing operations are perfectly legitimate. However, you as a potential customer need to be aware of your rights whenever you purchase a product or service from someone who has contacted you over the telephone.
   A popular scam involves selling you nothing except the opportunity to sell the same "nothing" to other people. For instance, the phone representative will assure you that your start-up cost is very low, usually somewhere between $25 and $50. These charges may be recurring on a monthly basis, so be sure to get an understanding on this. The salesperson will then attempt to upsell you right away. They may suggest that you will, of course, want the "premium package," which will be available for an extra (monthly) charge. 
   Whenever the company that has contacted you continually asks you for additional money without having provided anything tangible for you to examine, you may have been victimized or scammed by the company. 
    Many times the "business coach" or "mentor" will exert great pressure to get you to give them more money. They may tell you that you are very close to making back your investment, if only you pay them more. They may try to get you to give them money to cover the cost of paying you. They may try to get you to pay them thousands of dollars for advertising. 
   Another indication of a fraud operation is that when you call them by telephone, you always get a recording or else the person you need to speak with is never available.
   All of these are warning signs that you may be dealing with scammers.
   This website will provide you with detailed examples of how to identify scams, how to dispute the charges the scammers have saddled you with, and how to get your money back. Return here often to read our latest updates.