Wednesday, November 6, 2013



Getting a mortgage sounds easy enough and surely banks would not do you wrong, but trust me, don't trust them. Many times you are told one thing and when it comes time to sign those papers they say something completely different. So it is important that you stay on your toes and read everything that is given to you. I will give you examples of some of the problems I have been through just recently in refinancing.

Right now is a good time to buy a home or refinance, for some reason banks are trying very hard to get you to come to them. I am not sure why, possibly because interest is going to go up and so is the cost of living. We are looking at a recession or depression in the near future. Myself I decided to refinance to pay off my car I recently purchased that way I owned it and went from a 20 year to a 30 year dropping my house payment down. I am hoping I can sell my house within the next year or so, but if I can't and things get bad I can always move in with my mother, rent my house and not worry about losing my car.

As you can see there can be strange reasoning for refinancing. Maybe you need to pay off some bills or your cars, to have some extra money to put in savings, I know many of you don't save, and that is sad, because when it comes to retirement and there isn't any social security, you are going to wish you had.

Anyway, my first bank I went to was Bank of America because that is where my loan is. At first, I wasn't going to get the loan because the interest rate was still too high to what I was already paying but I let the banker talk me into it saying, how great it would be to pay off my car. The more I thought about it the more I decided it would be nice to be able to save some extra money for my IRA.

I filled out my application and told him that the closings cost could not exceed $4000 or I absolutely would not do it and that had to include escrow. He assured it. He also told me he was not going to charge my credit card the appraisal or credit report fee until after I received the application, signed and returned it. Guess what, he lied, the next day I saw the fee pending on my credit card. I called him and angrily told him how dare he charge me when he said he wasn't. He proceeds to read to me what he had said he read before, that said he could. When he got done I told him he needed to read it again because there was nothing there that said he could charge me. We had a very long discussion and I finally conceded but I told him he better be careful because if he made another mistake he would be eating my application and refunding my money.

Several days later he emails a good faith estimate, now that really made me angry because along with that were other papers which he wanted me to docusign. When I saw the figures on the good faith estimate I would not sign the papers, the closing cost came up to $5190. Again I called, telling him that he told me that the closing cost would not be more than $3000 and I told him that he could not exceed $4000. He told me it was just an estimate I should just sign, it didn't mean that it was going to be that amount and I flat told him if I signed that meant it could be that amount so I would not sign and I was not getting the loan just refund my money. He told me okay.

Several days went by, I didn't see a credit on my card. I called my loan officer and had to leave a message, which he never answered. I emailed him and told him that he needed to credit my card. He sent back a message saying he has nothing to do with it because he was no longer my loan officer. As you know I disputed, but the mistake I made was the credit card company asked me if the bank said that they would credit it, I told them yes, the credit card company said I had to wait another 15 days before I could dispute. I knew that I could make the bank credit the card quicker if I emailed them and threaten them. So I did. I emailed my loan officer telling I was going to dispute then go to BBB and then to Rip Off Report and then to Consumer Complaint. He never answered, but in 3 days I had my money.

I decided to check around and went with Quicken Loans they were much more organized and told me pretty much what they were going to do upfront. Here again I had a problem when it came time to sign contracts, I had questions, the loan officer said he would find out and I could sign the contract the next day. That was the day the government came back to order and interest fell. I didn't know that when I signed the contract, they had one interest locked in on the contract but on the computer they had an area you could go into which was called loan summary and they had a lower rate locked in. I called and talked to someone who was processing the loan and asked him about this, which rate was I getting He told me the lower. I asked if it went with my closing cost on the contract he said yes. I just let it go. Time passed and then a good faith estimate pops up saying if I want the lower rate I would have to pay $7000 in closing cost. As you know, I was angry and I called my loan processor. She said there wasn't anything she could do I needed to talk to my loan officer. So I call him. He didn't seem to know anything he said that he didn't see the lower interest rate in the loan summary. I told him he needed to be very careful because whenever I see something that is different I print it off so if you changed it I have it printed. He didn't know what to do so he got his manager. We argued, but nothing really was accomplished although he wanted me to fax over the sheet, which I did. I told them that the interest dropped several times that day and the person who put in figures in the loan summary probably went by what the interest was and not what was written on the application, considering you are to be charge the interest of the day you sign, but no he did not agree with me. I could not find proof of what the interest was that day so it was hard for me to really do anything, but I just warned him when it came to closing you better have all your figures right or I won't sign. I have walked out of a title company before because a loan company did not do their work properly.

The most important thing is keep watch on those figures even at closing, especially at closing because they will change them on you and you better make sure they have a good explanation. You don't have to sign, your interest won't be locked any longer so keep an eye on the rate. For me it doesn't matter because I really don't need the loan I am only using it as a back up plan and to help build savings. You may need it, but don't let them screw you.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013



The other day I heard a story of a lady who had purchased an older home. It needed to have some remodeling done before she could move in, so she found a contractor, who gave her a bid and told her he had to be paid upfront. His bid was one of the lower bids and he guaranteed his work.

She went to the bank and took out a loan in order to pay him. The money was given to the contractor and he told her that he would be back in a few days with all the supplies necessary to do the job. A few days passed and the contractor did not show up. She tried calling him, but was unable to get him. Several more days past and he still did not show up. She continued to call but never could get an answer, then one day the phone just told her the number was no longer a working number. She became very upset and did not know what to do. She went to the police department, but they could never find him. She was now out of a lot of money, did not have a place to live and didn't know what to do.

The point of this story is never pay a contractor upfront. I also learned the hard way. I hired a man to do a roof on my garage, he was almost done and wondered if he could get paid before he finished because he needed the money. Of course, due to my kindness, I said yes. He told me he would be back tomorrow. I never saw him again and I never was able to get a hold of him. Therefore, my husband had to finish the roof.

If the contractor says he needs the money upfront because he does not have the money for the supplies. Tell him that you will go with him to help him pick out the supplies, you can be nice or you can be blunt and just tell him you don't trust anyone with your money. If he wants the job he will complete it before getting paid and that you will pick up the supplies or go with him to pick up the supplies. If he has been building for awhile he should be able to get the supplies delivered to your home and you can pay once they are delivered.

Another thing that is important is to keep an eye on your contractor, to make sure he is doing the job right. It would be a good idea if you would get a book on any of the type of construction you are having done to make sure he is using large enough wood for headers and try and have some idea of how your plumbing and electric goes. Many times people have gotten jobs that have been poorly done because they knew nothing of what was needed so the contractor tried to get by with as little as possible giving them a very poor job.

So please learn a little about construction and do not pay for any job before it is done, if you do, more than likely you will lose your money. You might be making you a good deal but in the long run it could be a very costly one.

Thursday, September 26, 2013



Have you ever wondered when you did a dispute if you were going to stand a chance in winning? Was your credit card really going to back you or the merchant who is putting all that money into the banks pockets? I know I have had my doubts and many times me and the credit card companies have gotten into great big fights and I have usually won. Although I have been in fight with Chase now going on 2 years over a company that was such scammers they were even taken down by the Arizona Attorney General and I still can't get Chase to give me back the money I deserve.

They have tried to say everything under the sun, why I should be denied but I have come back with even more proof that they were wrong and now they are saying it is because they can not get the money from the company. What really gets me is I have gone to the federal government twice and all that got me was a $1000 from Chase which they said was a good will donation. I just told them it was a bribe. I went to my own Attorney General and they have tried 2 times to get them to give back the money because they even agree with me that Chase is in the wrong.

 Chase wouldn't even talk to my consultant and now they have come up with a new deal where they are only going to give back a $1000 if they can not settle with the merchant starting Nov. 13th of this year, so I would advise not to spend anymore than a $1000 on a Chase credit card because if you have problems with a merchant I guarantee, you may not get back all your money.

I still have a chance because what I spent was before that date and I am taking them to court. I am going through a company who has a website, which is vecva.org. There I will have a lawyer pro bono which I am working with him getting my case together showing that Chase did not do what they should have done, when I disputed right at first. There is another man who I helped him get is money back with Discover, has now gone with them, because he is having the same trouble with Bank of America. I think we have the same lawyer which will help our case.

Most of the time, I have been able to dispute with credit cards and have not had too much trouble in winning but Chase takes the cake. I have a check I was unable to cash from the company, lost my website and the company was closed by the Arizona Attorney General and they still try to say it is valid. Can you believe that! All I have to say is every one needs to be very careful with how they use their credit card especially if it is with Chase. If you have any inkling that the company you are with is a scammer, dispute, don't wait, the longer you wait the harder it is to get your money back.

 Like I have said before, save all your info and read your contract very carefully before you sign it, because I guarantee you don't want to have to dispute or end up in court like me, some credit cards are not honest and if they have to use their own money they will lie and do whatever they have to, to keep from paying back your money.

Monday, September 9, 2013


Any more it is really getting hard telling who is scamming and who really is selling something of worth. The other day I was reading an article on the computer called wanting to give information for Newsmax, The Franklin Property, and information for grants. They were only charging $1.97. I thought this was a great buy, so of course I got it, because I have been trying to get a grant to buy a building to put in a Senior Citizen meal site and a group home for disabled and low income, who were waiting for low income housing to come available.

When I started looking at the grants I was really having a hard time finding any available for what I needed. Then there was one called govengine.com that wanted you to apply but also pay $29.95 which I did. Guess what, it really didn't get me anywhere. All I ended up getting was several calls from people who could barely speak English, telling me that if I wanted to get a grant all I needed to do was use my credit card for $3.89. I just told them good bye.

 Next I get a call from a girl who says she is my consultant in getting a grant and she would help me if I would set up an appointment with her. I did, and here again all I got was someone wanting to know all about me , if I worked, how much income I had, how many credit cards I had and how much were charge on them. She then began to tell me for a various amount of money I could get someone who would work with me from the start getting my grant. She said there was up to 20 pages to fill out for a grant and they had agents who would help me do it. I told her I really thought I could do it if she would tell me which ones to sign up for since she had told me she was my consultant. She said that was not her job, I told her that I would continue to look for my own grants. 

As you can see spending that $1.97 didn't get me anywhere but so many people calling trying to get more money from me. I have found that even on my computer I get at least 3 messages a day saying I have won an email lottery. Most of the  time I ignore them but once in a while I send a message back asking how much is it going to cost me if I send you all the information, but I never get a reply.

The computer is the biggest scamming place there is and in my email I have so many messages saying that I have a commission check waiting or a free gift and if you ever go to the email you see  it is someone trying to sell you some software. What I can't understand is if they lie to you to look at the message, why do they think we would ever buy from them.

There are so many scammers out there that everyone really needs to be on their toes and if you read this blog it would be nice if you would comment if you have been scammed or know of a company that scams. We would all appreciate every ones effort in keeping us out of trouble.

Sunday, August 18, 2013



   I became very angry, again, with my timeshare. My daughter wanted to book 2 one bedroom units for her to stay in Mazatlan during New Years. I was told all they had available was all inclusive which would be $200 per person. She was booking this through RCI so she would have had to also pay approximately $150 for each unit. This would come up to $2700, because  they were staying 3 nights. Now here is the catch, after I told her the price, she said she was just going to look at prices of hotels. The first place she goes is the resort we were pricing with RCI. They were charging $234 for room and all inclusive per person, the total would be $2800 only a difference of $100. Her renting with the resort was less considering all the money that was spent on maintenance over the year and the purchase of the timeshare.

Why is it that after paying $84 a month maintenance fee we have to pay more to get a room than a person who is not a member for the all inclusive because the rental of a 1 bedroom with kitchen shouldn't be just $34 ? What I pay in maintenance would almost pay for my vacation. I get a timeshare and it ends up costing me more to go on the vacation. Can you imagine why anybody would want to have a timeshare?

Some way we need to complain, I know I am going to call and see if I can speak to the supervisor or someone higher up than customer service at my timeshare, who by the way owns RCI. We need to get something changed, if it is cheaper to rent a unit at their resort then use our points, then there is a big problem and it is not right for us to give all our money to them and get nothing to show for it. I purchased this timeshare back in 2000 for $18,000 and have paid almost a $1000 in maintenance fees a year and also taxes. Does that really sound like a deal when you see I can rent the unit cheaper from the resort than from my own club? I think it is time for timeshare owners to get together and strike.

Those of you who get called to go to a resort to take the 90 minute tour bring up what I stated in this blog and see what they reply. I can imagine it will be a lot of bull, because that is a salesman for you, but keep your head and wisely do the right thing. If you really want that timeshare make them drop the price on both maintenance and cost of the timeshare. It is the only way you will benefit from it, if you benefit at all.

Friday, August 16, 2013


As you already know from reading my blogs, that you can easily be scammed and you can not get your refund back without doing a lot of conning and threatening and even then that doesn't always work. So today I am going to tell you about a few cases I have ran into recently that might just open your eyes on what not to do and what might help prevent you from making a few mistakes.

I gave you a name of a website to go to if you need help with a dispute. It is a non profit organization and it handles more than just disputes but any case that you need help with and can't afford to get help with, even women abused. They cater mostly with seniors, but they will take anyone. The reason I am mentioning vecva.org is because they have come to me and wanted me to become district manager for my State. They have offices in several States and their goal is to set up offices in every State. Actually their business name is Community Economic Council in Orlando.

The thing was the owner was trying to persuade me to start up a business and he wanted to show me just how desperate and how many calls I could get in a short time. So in a 15 minute period I got so many calls I couldn't answer them all. So, many went to my answering machine. The thing was, I felt like I needed to help each one that I just couldn't just take their name and phone number, and guess what, I listened to their stories.

There was one man 90 years old, who told me a company had called and told him he could have a business without a computer and by investing $3000 he could make a lot of money. I asked him if he made any money he said no. I asked if he tried calling the company to find out why and how long ago did he invest. He told me he invested over a year ago and he tried calling the company many times but they never answered nor returned his calls. I asked why he waited so long to dispute. He said it was the first time anyone had called him to do it. I told him that when he could not get anyone to answer the phone that was when he should have gone to the credit card company. I asked him if he had any of his statements or contracts he told me no. I told him that it would be impossible to dispute unless he had something, he didn't even know the date of when he signed up with them. I told him he needed to go to his credit card company and get the statement. He didn't think they would send it, I told him they had to. I told him to try and remember the month and ask for statements 6 months before, and 6 months after. He was so excited about even being able to get some proof he was ready to sign up.

One man I talked to had invested with 3 companies for website businesses which were all scammers. He let the salesman con him into putting money on credit cards that he couldn't afford by telling him he would make a lot of money. His father had passed away and he worked for him and when is father died the business closed and he was out of a job. He worked really hard putting a  lot of blogging on his websites, some things were from a book that his father had written. One day  his website disappears and it never made any money as promised from the company. He tried calling but no answer, everything just kept getting worse until he had to file bankruptcy.

When this man told me he filed bankruptcy, I thought we could not help him at all, but I asked him if he had made any payments on the card toward the company and he said yes, I asked if he had proof of any payments, still had the contract and credit card statement. He answered yes to all. I told him there was a chance for him to dispute, he probably would not get any money but the credit card company would get back the money they lost in the bankruptcy and the money he paid would probably be a credit on his bankruptcy.

He also mentioned to me about his father's death, that Mayo clinic thought there had been a med error which gave him a heart attack. I told him if he would get all the meds that were given and doses during his dialysis I could find out if there truly was a med error and if there was one he could then have a court case which the Community Economic Council could help him with, especially since they have lawyers that do pro bono work.

To sum everything up even though both these cases have slim chances of getting their money back , but they still have a chance if they try. You can do it on your own or you can get help for very little money. Do not put up a large amount of up front money, you will lose it and won't get anywhere. Another thing don't put off doing something about it. The longer you wait, the better the chance you will have of not winning. Take it from someone who knows. I have found the ones that I have had more time on are the ones that are harder to fight. SO DON'T GIVE UP!

Thursday, August 1, 2013


I thought I would tell you of my latest ordeal. I really thought it sounded like such a good deal, a website for $19.95. The lady on the phone said there was no other charges and that was all I needed, but I told her I know there is a catch in this, no website is ever this cheap. She just told me that was all it was and I could have whatever I wanted for a name and enjoy it making money. She also told me someone would call the next day and I could tell him what I would want to have on the website for their business.

Well, the man called alright, but he didn't ask me anything about the website. He said he was in marketing and that was where I stopped him. I asked him if he was going to try and sell me marketing for the website which I had been told I wouldn't need anything else for it. He asked me if I had seen TV commercials at night, advertising credit repair or mortgage fix. I told him no. He said that was what he felt would make me a lot of money for my website. I asked how much. He said one package was $5000 and that just fell on deaf ears, he went on to say that another package was $3000 for a year. I then said do you have a package for 6 months just to try it out. For $1500, he told me, I could have it. I told him I would try it, but he better be very careful because if there is a screw up I will dispute, oh and by the way, I also asked if he was from Phoenix. He said no, didn't you see the area code an the phone it was 702 which is Las Vegas. He also told me someone would call very shortly.

A lady calls and explains about a contract and tells me she will fax it to me in 15 minutes. An hour past and I still haven't gotten it, so I call the credit card company to see if the charge made it .Yes, it's pending another hour goes by, it finally shows up, but the contract looks like it was written by a child and my credit card number and the code is across several pages not just the last 4 numbers like most contracts show. I was not happy at all, I call the phone number on the contract which states it is Delaware, no answer, I leave a message.

 The next day comes around by mid afternoon I still don't hear from Delaware so I call the number the lady gave me. She answers and we argue over the contract. I tell her either it changes or I want a refund, she tells me I can't get a refund. I tell her she better read her own contract because it states I can cancel in the first 3 days if she wants to fight me I can dispute. She told me I wouldn't win, I told her she needs to think carefully since I haven't even signed the contract and I can cancel within the 3 days. We continued to argue until she realized that I was not going to change my mind.

 Too many things did not add up with this company, for one thing I found out the man who called who said he was in Las Vegas was there in the office with the lady who had an Arizona number, I had tried his number when trying to call them earlier and it said to leave a message to mailbox with a number after it. I also found out it wasn't truly TV commercials but online TV commercials. All these things made this company look like a scammer, whenever you can't get anyone to get you to call back, there is a #1 reason to stay away. I ended up getting my refund and I am going to keep the website that I got for $19.95, I can advertise for free. We will see how it does. I told them, if anything comes from it I might consider one of there marketing plans but I will find out my way first.

Thursday, July 25, 2013



Okay, are you ready for your boxing match, because disputing can be a challenge. You can't give up and let them take your money. I have seen it so many times. If you go to ripoff.com or consumerscomplaint.com you see where so many people have been ripped off and what do they say "They took my money and I can't get it back." I never hear anybody stating they disputed and lost or claimed fraud, well I did once and she had her email address and was having trouble with a dispute with Chase. I got a hold of her and helped her get her money back.

So please be ready to fight, and the first fight is to go straight to the merchant. Give him your complaints, make sure you have them all in order and make sure you have read that contract to see if you can complain about what you want to complain about. If the contract says no refunds then make sure you can find a complaint, that he did, that shows he has broke his contract. If you have allowed him to get by with not giving you a contract you are going by word of mouth and guess what, his is just as good as yours. So make sure he puts everything in the contract that you want otherwise you may have a hard time disputing.

I tell the merchant if he doesn't refund the money I will dispute and I am sure he knows that it will cost him. Not only will the credit card charge him for the dispute but it will hurt is reputation and so will I. When I say that I will hurt is reputation, I let him know I will go to the BBB, then to the attorney general, and then to ripoff.com and consumerscomplaint.com. There are a few other  website spots you can go to and put companies on that people report about scammers. If you were wise you would check those out before making any decisions.

Sometimes these threats work and then again they don't and if you don't get your refund it is time to go to the credit card and start your dispute. First, you must decide if it is a fraud or a dispute, that you are going to do. When you sign a contract, very rarely can you claim fraud, unless you never get the product or possibly you receive a check that can't be cashed. I normally don't cash the check without calling the bank where the check is written to make sure the check can clear. Having this check gives you a little more evidence this company was fraudulent and once you cashed it and it is gone it is harder to prove anything, although you will receive a letter from the bank saying that it couldn't be cash but they don't give check copies.

You will get papers to fill out from some credit cards but always mail or fax to them all the info you have against the company. You will need your contract and your credit card statement. As I told you before, save all info like emails and write down dates and times you talked to the company. The more you tried talking with the company is better for you, because it makes them look like they did not want to work with you.

Okay, here goes your next boxing match, it is with the credit card company itself. You can't believe how many times I have got into a fight with the credit card company. In fact I am ready to take one to court here shortly. I guarantee they do not always know what they are doing, and sometimes it may be wise that you have someone you can talk to that does, like me, for instance. One time I had a letter of guarantee from a company(it was a drop shipping company), that if I didn't sell $12,000 in 6 months they would return all the money I had invested in my website. Well, 6 months came around and not a cent was made and not only that I found that site to be a scam. They had so many errors on it, it was unbelievable. I tried to get a refund they said no, I said I'd dispute. They felt confident they would win. Three times I was denied and then I became very angry especially when I was told I could not dispute again. I finally asked them why they were denying it and they told me it was because I couldn't prove that I didn't make anything. Angrily, I told them that I did not write the letter of guarantee, they did. It is not for me to prove anything but for them to prove that I had made over $12,000. The man answered slowly " You have a point/" I told him if they would have done the job right the first time I wouldn't be yelling at him right now, so I won't nag anymore if you would just ask them to prove that I made that much money and I guarantee they will not reply and just give the money back, which they did.

So you see you must stay on your toes and be ready to give the right punches or you may not win. Don't back down because you are denied, find out exactly why they are denying you until you a satisfied. There are still places to go if the credit card doesn't see it your way.

Friday, July 19, 2013


Since I was on the subject of timeshares, I wanted to explain to you a little more about timeshares. Like I said before I have four, although I am in the process of selling one and what I got for it is more like giving it away, but after the company that owned it sold it to Holiday Inn Resorts, I was glad I did. The amount of points I had was just great with the timeshare company that owned it earlier, but after Holiday Inn bought it, it was useless to me. They did not raise the points to meet the value of all their resorts which was needed for the way they ran their timeshare exchange. What was a full week before, is now only 6 days. I couldn't understand why we didn't get to keep are same value, I guess they wanted us to buy more points. My friend that bought the timeshare said she was okay with it because I had low membership and maintenance fees.

Now, there are two types of timeshares, a fixed and a floating. Fixed are not definitely my type of timeshare, but there are many who like them. A fixed timeshare can only be used the time of year you purchased and at the resort you purchased  always and no others. A floating one is based on points. You use these points to go for a couple of days or for a full week and you can go to all the places this particular timeshare has.

There is also what is called RCI, if you should buy a timeshare with one resort having RCI to deposit your points in, it gives you many places that you can go. Also what is nice about RCI is they have specials where you don't need to use points, but you can pay for the unit outright. I am going to Conroe, Texas for a week and it cost me only $197.99 plus taxes. I had used all my points to spend 2 weeks in Tampa, Florida and we needed to go to Houston, I got lucky when the sale came up. The only thing bad about RCI is there a lot of extra charges you don't pay with your resort even though they also have extra charges they are not as much as RCI. The one good thing is when you rent a week like I did in Conroe I didn't have any extra charges. Resorts also have specials at their resort where you can rent them out without going through RCI. Not only do timeshares have RCI but some of the timeshare companies has a place to put your points that works pretty much the same way as RCI and it is called III.

As I have said before, timeshares have catches, you have membership fees, maintenance fees, and depending on the timeshare various other fees. The next thing, they are very costly to get one as well as to keep one and it is impossible to get rid of them. If you look on Ebay you will see hundreds practically being given away. If you really want one that is how I would get it. Don't invest a lot of money, you might want to add points and trust me if your smart you can con them. What ever you do , is never say yes the first time they give you an offer, they will come down on the price and I advise you to keep saying no until you think the price sounds reasonable.

Timeshare companies will take you for all you've got, so read the contract and make sure it is written exactly as they have said it was going to be. I will tell you if they have came down on the price, a lot of times they will write on the contact an out of season date with less points and please make sure you know what your yearly fees are going to be because those can sneak in to be a lot higher than you thought. It is wise to buy a timeshare with a low maintenance fee because, I guarantee, the fee rises. Soon it will be higher than what you would pay to rent the resort.

Timeshares can sound really great, but the longer you have them, the worse your head begins to hurt. If you have a lot of money they can be okay otherwise they are a pain. My son is a multimillionaire and I tried to give him one and he wouldn't take it because he knew how hard it was to get a seaside resort, unless you booked it months to a year in advance. He wants to go now and can't wait. So be wise and think twice before you let the salesman con you.


Monday, July 15, 2013


   This may seem like I am getting off from my main subject, but once before I mentioned I had timeshares. You get called for mini vacation packages and they sound like great deals, but there is a catch to them, they always want you to go on a 90 minute promotion selling a timeshare to you.    
   The reason I decided to blog on this is because I have a timeshare with one of the most worldwide known companies, I am not going to mention the name of the company, because what I am going to say could get me in a lawsuit.  I have been with this company for 13 years and have been in constant battle. I have 4 timeshares and this company is the only one that has so many nick picking charges that I would like to find someway to let the whole world know to stay away from them. They are one of the most expensive timeshares. We paid $18,000 and today it is approximately $28,000 for the same thing and it is the smallest package you can buy or at least one of smallest, I think the smallest is every other year and we are every year. They are the only one of my timeshares that I had to pay taxes on, now they have it put in the maintenance like my others. They are the only one that has housekeeping points, my others do not charge anything for housekeeping. I even tried to ask them why are they charging us for housekeeping when a hotel doesn't. They have no answer. 
   What made me so angry with them to write this blog, was when I booked a 3 night vacation they charged a $99 guest fee and a $30 travel transaction fee because this was my 3rd travel transaction with them. I was so surprised , my other timeshares it is only $50 for guest pass fees and nothing for travel transactions. I was mad enough to go ahead and transfer all the rest of my points to RCI and not use the rest until next year. What is really strange is RCI only has a $59 guest pass fee and guess what, they are owned by the same company, doesn't make sense does it? 

   Actually, buying a timeshare really doesn't make sense either. You pay an enormous amount for the timeshare, then your maintenance and membership fees would easily pay for a condo and guess what, usually at the condo where you bought the timeshares, they are beginning to rent them out cheaper than what you pay in maintenance. So why waste your money to buy a timeshare, they will take your money every chance they have. I couldn't believe it when I was transferring my points, I was told I only had 39 housekeeping points left and I needed 42 to transfer so they made me buy 3 points for $6.75 which I told them was insane because RCI charges housekeeping when booking a resort.  Why did I need to transfer my housekeeping points, again no answer. 

   So my advice about timeshares is don't buy one, you are being scammed and those, unfortunately, we can't get out of, unless we start writing to the government for them to check how timeshares are ran and why are we stuck with them.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013


   I know I have repeated myself several times through my blogs about what to watch for in scammers, but trust me, for as many times as I have been scammed nobody probably would have told me enough times what to look for. They all sound so sincere and truthful and maybe it's the feeling that you just might have found the right company to make money and grow your business that you go with them. Unfortunately, everything begins to go wrong. Months pass no money comes in, nothing shows up on the back office on your computer. You try to call the company, no one answers, they just ask you to leave a message and you do, but guess what, it never is returned. You email them and ask for answers, but they never answer (keep the email like I said before). 
   Okay, now it's time to go into action, like I said before, you scan the contract to see if you can find any where they have broke it. Do they say in the contract that they will answer all phone calls or keep in touch with you to let you know how things are going? If you can find something like that, you will have proof they broke their contract. If anything, you might be able to get them for mismanagement, due to the fact they are not keeping up with their business clients nor are they keeping up with the back office. 
   You must find whatever you can to give your credit card reason for dispute. I usually call the company and warn them, if they don't call  me back I am going to dispute. I also send an email and tell them I am disputing and save the email. I also tell them that when I dispute I go to the BBB, their Attorney General, ripoff.com and consumercomplaint.com. Sometimes this works and sometimes it doesn't. If it does, I ask for a refund, if they say no I say, I dispute and I will do everything I said I would do. 
   Most of the time I have to dispute.    
   The first thing you do is call your credit card company and here is your first problem, they will say it is over 60 or 90 days depending on which card you used. You need to be firm and tell them that you have 18 months to dispute if a merchant has not done as promised and has broke his contract. I guarantee they will fight with you but  ask to talk with the dispute department and things should become a little easier then. Tell them everything and try very hard to show how they broke the contract, if they say yes then they will send papers for you to fill out. They will want a copy of your contract. Underline the areas you feel they have broken. They will want a copy of your statement and send a copy of all the emails you had between the company. In fact, the more info you send the better. Now here is something you need to think about. If you have told the company you were going to dispute and all of a sudden you receive a check especially a small  check, do not cash it . Make them give you proof that it is a true commission check and ask who purchase whatever for you to receive commission. Sometimes this check is considered a service and your credit card will  deny your dispute, that is why it is best for the company to give you a little money to keep from giving you a larger amount later. Well I am going to end this now and continue with more the next time.

Saturday, July 6, 2013


   Most scamming is done over the phone, but trust me you might get invited to a presentation to see something that is being sold and you can get scammed there too. I know I was for over $7000, but they made some mistakes, because when they wrote the contract I had them put everything that was promised to me in the contract. When they did not keep the promise and I couldn't reach them I disputed and won. Never sign a contract that doesn't have everything they say they are going to give you put in to it, they may not like it, but tell them it is this way or no way. Trust me this is your letter of protection. Usually, a telemarketer will call you to sell you a website in home job, that seems to be the biggest in scamming today. They sell you a website that is very cheap or a blogging site you could have gotten for free. They put on affiliate marketing which is another free item you can do, and then they tell you they are done. Only shortly you get another call and it is from a marketing specialist who tells you that if you invest $10,000 to $20,000 or more they could make you a lot of money. Here again it never happens and you are out of all your money, also it is hard to dispute. The smartest thing is don't do it in the first place. Marketing can be done by you, it still cost money but you don't need to put out that much to see if your website is going to be a popular one or not. You can always start out with free marketing and workup. Get on the computer and find out how or ask around. Another big scammer is the computer itself. Once you get a website and start doing business, it is unbelievable how many emails you get about how to get free websites and software to make your website better, but trust me, few are what they say they are, luckily you can get refunds on these and don't have to dispute. One clue to whether you have a scammer is, after you joined with them, whether you can get them to talk to you, answer you messages or emails. If you can't, it is time for you to start saving all your info for a dispute. I will get into this next time.

Thursday, June 27, 2013



   We all have the problem deciding whether we should invest with a company or not. I can tell you, I have been through so many that it has made me an expert in disputing. I have found out that even credit card companies don't know how to go about disputing and you better be on your toes when you dispute. 
   The first time I  began having trouble with companies was several years ago and it was with Timeshare marketers who became very thick in Florida. They would call you to try and sell your timeshare for you, because after having one for several years your maintenance cost would climb considerably and of course, you would want to get rid of it. Just like all salesmen, they would tell you anything to get your money and a good chunk of it too. That is when I began to realize how they can lie and scam. That is also where I found out just how dumb the credit card company can be. They lose your papers, they also lie, and they try not to give you back your money if the company has been taken down and they have no surplus money. Justice prevails, if you are willing to keep fighting, you still can win. 
   Heck, I am in one dispute right now with Chase that I have been fighting for 1 1/2years, even they have agreed with me that the company is a scammer gave me $1000 of their own money but refuse to give the rest because they can't get it from the company who has been closed down by the Arizona Attorney General. 
   So you see disputing may not always be easy and you must not give up. If you do not have all the info on what to do once you have been denied, then go to www.cfpb.gov this is just one place you can go. I won with them on a charge that was 3 1/2 years old. Although you don't always win with them, I lost with Chase. They said it was too complicated for them. I am now with a company called VECVA or www.vecva.org they have filed a lawsuit against the company and have now turned it in to Chase with the police report I filed because I was unable to cash the check that was sent to me by the company. I always ask the company for a refund first, if I find they are not doing as they say they are going to do. 
   As I said before, when you do your dispute do not use the fact you are not getting any money because if you signed the contract that said they can't guarantee whether you make money or not and their is no refund you can not use that for a reason. Find some way that they are mismanaging their business. Many times they don't answer phone calls or messages, or they won't answer emails be sure you save all emails sent and all paperwork that you do with the company, you might need it.  When I ask for a refund and am denied I tell them I will dispute, the dispute will cost them, hurt their reputation, I will write to the Better Business Bureau and then notify their Attorney General. I will also go to Rip Off.com and to Consumer Complaint.com. Sometimes that scares them enough into giving a refund but if you have a lot invested with them it usually doesn't work and then you have to do a dispute. Well I am going to end this now and go in some detail in my next blog, If any of you have any questions be sure and comment and give your email and maybe I can answer them.

Friday, June 21, 2013


Okay, now here is the next problem that needs to be mastered. Many companies will give you contracts to sign and some can be pages and pages long. Others can be one page and very short and to the point and trust me they may all say the same thing no refund. You want to make sure you read the contract, because even though the salesman tells you that you will make tremendous amount of money and immediately,, the contract will state differently. Most contracts especially the ones from Phoenix, Arizona will state that they can't guarantee that you will make money and will then go on to state that there will be no refund. They also go on to say that if you decide to press any charges then you will have to do it in Maricopa County. Now this is what scares most people and keeps them from disputing. Trust me, if it says no refund, even if it says in a time period, you can dispute. You just have to prove that they broke their contract. Please, don't use the fact that they didn't make you any money because if you read the contract you would have seen that it said that they could not guarantee if they could make you any money. Now you can refuse to sign the contract and sometimes they will change it to suit you, just depending on the company and how bad they want your business. The bigger the contract the better because the better the chance you can find a way that they broke their contract and then it is null and void. I will get to this later and show how you can find ways to show they broke their contract. Showing the credit card company that the contract was broken is one of the sure ways to win a dispute. Read the contract, decide if it makes sense to you and if there is enough ways they could screw up in order for you to show they broke the contract, remember a small contract that doesn't state much is harder to break, then sign..


   The very first thing to be considered when making any large "doubtful" purchase is never use your checking account. If the purchase turns out to be a scam and you used your checking account then your chance of getting your money back is very slim.

 Using your debit or credit card gives you the chance to get a refund or to dispute the charge. I have known several who have given their checking account numbers to a company, not only did they lose their initial investment but  much more and they were unable to get it back. If the company tells you they take checks only, you can just guess that they are not legit. Just think about it, how many large companies would not have credit card processing and just take checks very few, I don't even know hardly any companies that take checks at least not online or over the telephone.

You can hardly write a check anywhere anymore. Take it from somebody who made the mistake.  SO DON'T GIVE A CHECK.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013



   Some telemarketing operations are perfectly legitimate. However, you as a potential customer need to be aware of your rights whenever you purchase a product or service from someone who has contacted you over the telephone.
   A popular scam involves selling you nothing except the opportunity to sell the same "nothing" to other people. For instance, the phone representative will assure you that your start-up cost is very low, usually somewhere between $25 and $50. These charges may be recurring on a monthly basis, so be sure to get an understanding on this. The salesperson will then attempt to upsell you right away. They may suggest that you will, of course, want the "premium package," which will be available for an extra (monthly) charge. 
   Whenever the company that has contacted you continually asks you for additional money without having provided anything tangible for you to examine, you may have been victimized or scammed by the company. 
    Many times the "business coach" or "mentor" will exert great pressure to get you to give them more money. They may tell you that you are very close to making back your investment, if only you pay them more. They may try to get you to give them money to cover the cost of paying you. They may try to get you to pay them thousands of dollars for advertising. 
   Another indication of a fraud operation is that when you call them by telephone, you always get a recording or else the person you need to speak with is never available.
   All of these are warning signs that you may be dealing with scammers.
   This website will provide you with detailed examples of how to identify scams, how to dispute the charges the scammers have saddled you with, and how to get your money back. Return here often to read our latest updates.